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mommy to be?

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I recently missed my February period, by 8 days to be exact. i do not take birthcontrol for personal beliefs and conditions, me and my boyfriend do use condoms, i think i am not pregnant but my bestfriend who just had a baby 3 weeks ago is convienced i am, along w my mother. I suppose i have symptoms but my boobs are not sore, i have had tightness in my abdomen and feel like i have cramps and i have a poor appetite, a massive head ache, exhausted, and bloated. and im always regular, ALWAYS. i took a hpt this morning that was negaitve, which it could be too early im aware, and i dont know if the hormone levels are lower bc im under weight, (105lbs) is that possible or should i wait to take another hpt?
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Try another test in a few days or call the doctors office for a blood test. As far as symptoms, I wouldn't look too far into that, everyone is different. Best wishes.
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Hello I have missed my period this month suppose to come march 11 and did not. I have take many test last week all neg, Saturday I took two accu clear test and they came back with very faint lines in time frame. So I took one this morning a dollar tree one it was neg so I through it away then I starte thinking hmmm and yes I know not suppose to look after ten mins but I see another line pink couldu be pregnant?
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