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Starting a Homeschooling business

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I need help starting my own homeschool business, but am not sure how to get started. I am afraid of doing things wrong. I have a M.Ed in Education and a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology. I have 8 years of full time teaching experience. My son is autistic. I first learned about homeschool two years ago, and tried it with my son. I obtained for him, an excellent curriculum  and also added montessori techniques, physical therapy, speech and physical education. I did it for a period of 6 months but felt I was not doing enough.
It is not easy to homeschool, especially if you are concerned about quality of education. I understand there are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool. But I think, the type of education and curriculum must be a priority.

I want to start a homeschool business to help students with special needs. I have seen how teachers at public schools treat students. I do not like the way some students are set aside because they bring an additional challenge to the educational system. It is not fair for the student.

My son did not choose to be born with a disability. He can not defend for himself. I am his voice and as his caretaker it is my job to protect him.

I know I can do a great job homeschooling my son and other students who may also benefit from a one to one instruction setting, but I do not know how to get started. Can you help me? my email is sanchezmaritza11@yahoo.com   I am in Florida. Thank you!!

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Hi Maritza! I homeschool a special needs student as well (Asperger's and Tourette's). Specialized curriculum and/or support in choosing for special needs students sounds like a good business idea. I don't have specific suggestions, but hopefully someone here can help you. 

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