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Thanks Sheila! As long as I am not puking all day everyday like my MIL was, I will be okay! redface.gif. I hear ya with the hip pain at night, though......ugh! I can last no more than 20 mins on each hip before it starts aching. I would love to see a chiro, but none up here makes that more challenging! Aw well, this is a longed for little baby and I will just take what comes!
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Oh wow - I guess I'm lucky in that so far I haven't had any pain at all! Just a bit of mild nausea in the 1st Tri... I was wondering about seeing a chiropracter preventatively... any thoughts on that?

I work out with a pre-natal trainer and will be getting back to yoga...  I am just focused on staying healthy as I plan to have another after this one, and by then... yikes! (I'm 23 weeks now)

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Not a part of this more select group. But, chiropractic care during pregnancy and any time is great. Keeps your body functioning optimally as well as preventing pain. Also, being aligned will help your baby get into the prime position towards the end.

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I am not an older mom either, but I went to the Chiropractor last week for the first time and it made a WORLD of difference. I can walk again, sleep better and my butt doesn't go numb anymore. I feel so much better! I am planning  on going all through my pregnancy (I will be 22 weeks tomorrow). 

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I started going to a chiropractor when I was in university, and started again before I got pregnant. It really does make a huge difference

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I started this time preventatively before the pain started. And there is a world of difference! I'm so glad I did. It has made a huge difference in my pain level so far and in how mobile I've been able to be. I highly recommend it!
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Ah, Lolliegee, the phantom butt-pain.  I get that, too.  Pinched nerves is my guess.  I also get this thing where the front of my left thigh goes numb if I've been on my feet for too long, like if I'm cooking risotto or walking a long way.  Fun stuff.


Has anybody else had any experience with sudden weight gain?  At my appointment yesterday, I found out I've put on eleven pounds since last month! I usually average 3-5 pounds/month, so I was horrified to see the total at 146 pounds.  (I usually hover around 118 when I'm not pregnant)  I'm pretty thin and my frame just isn't meant to carry that much weight.  I haven't been eating any more than usual.  I have a pulled muscle on my side ribs and I think the extra weight is making my back hurt more than just from the pulled muscle.  And to think I have four more months to go!  Aagh!

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Glad I'm not alone with the butt pain (although I'm not glad anyone else has to suffer from it!). I had totally forgotten about this pain, until suddenly it started one day and I go, oh man! I remember that pain! I have a chiropractor appointment on Monday, so we'll see if he can do anything to alleviate it.

No weight gain here, but I started out heavy and the way I have to eat to control my blood sugar, naturally causes me to start losing. I wouldn't worry about it too much though. In pregnancy, weight can jump around sometimes.
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Im 38 on baby #3! Going for a home birth this time! I have a 13 yO girl and a 2YO boy.

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