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Root Canal Woes - Need advice :(

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I had a root canal on my upper left molar all the way in the back in early 2010.  It was a horrible experience.  The dentist couldn't get my tooth numb and she was digging out the nerves while I felt everything.  I had tears streaming down my face.  It was worse than the pain of childbirth.


In the summer of 2011 that tooth started to have pain again.  There was no way I was going back to the first dentist so I went to an endodontist.  My insurance didn't cover the re treatment and we had to pay the $1400 out of pocket.


A few weeks ago I started having pain again.  I thought it was the tooth next to it but after pressing on my teeth today I realized it is the root canal tooth.


I called the endodontist office and the secretary gave me the run around saying that they don't guarantee anything and that I would probably have to pay for re treatment.  I am going on Tues to talk to the dentist.  I am *hoping* that since it has only been 18 months he will agree to just fix the tooth but I had problems dealing with their office and my insurance the first time and I doubt he will do it.  The office staff is really rude and he seems like he just wants to make as much money as possible.  :(


So my choices will be: go to a different dentist for a third root canal (can't go back to the endodontist because our insurance changed - not like I would anyway) or have the tooth pulled.  Would there really be a problem getting the very back tooth pulled? What are the chances my teeth would shift?

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Get it pulled. I had my second to last tooth pulled on the right side 6 years ago and have had no shifting what so ever. I also have had root canal drama.  But I also never needed braces and do not have soft gums.


But maybe talk to the dentist first. If he does not fix it make sure to review him all over the internet so other patients will be aware that he will not guarantee his work and that they better look else where.


teeth pain is the worst. I agree worse than childbirth at times.

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My dentist always sends people to the endodontist for root canals. I am very scared of dentists who try to do root canals without the highly specialized euipment of the endo. I would try another endo just to get their opinion...
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I would go to a different dentist and have it pulled. Search root canals and cancer on the internet.....scary stuff.
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Aww Taryn I feel your woes! I have terribly weak teeth as well. It is possible to have a tooth thats had a root canal be reinfected. Normally how this happens is if you put a large filling in it (not recommended) it cracks or something like that. Since its your back tooth any filling material isnt strong enough to withstand the grinding our back teeth perform on a day to day basis


If you had a crown (and ive had crappy crowns before myself) if the bottom of the crown doesnt touch the edge of your gum line- then probably what happened was bacteria got in to that space and has reinfected it. This would also be encouraged by not flossing or brushing at the gum line but I still habitually do all those things and still have issues myself


Did you put a large filling on it or a crown?

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As far as pulling goes...some people's teeth shift and others dont. Are you better off pulling off one at the very end? Sure. But you do then put a lot of pressure on the other molars surrounding it. Depending on your age i'd really speak to a dentist about that before you rush to pull it- 

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I had a similar problem last year. Had a root canal and the pain continued afterwards. Last tooth in the back. The dentist gave me a run around, "we don't guarantee success" etc etc. This finally motivated me to find a biological dentist. He confirmed that there was still a remaining infection. I told him that I wanted it pulled to begin with, but the previous doctor talked me into a root canal by scaring me that my teeth may shift. The new doctor said there was very very little worry about that given that it was the very last tooth. I had the tooth pulled. Thank god - once the dentist got the tooth out, he saw that I had an infection in the jaw bone! That's why I was still experiencing pain in the area. He cleaned out the infection and stitched me up. He uses ozone injections to fight infections and gave me several (the day of the extraction and then a few more during follow-up appointments - no extra charges). Everything healed beautifully and once the stitches came out, there was no more pain. I've not had any issues since then - this was over a year ago - and I don't even miss the tooth (and you can't even see that it's missing).
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Taryn - just noticed you're in NJ. So am I. If you'd like to talk to my dentist, let me know and I'll send you the info. He is very kind - talked to me on the phone extensively before I even committed to seeing him and was just looking for information.
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Taryn - just noticed you're in NJ. So am I. If you'd like to talk to my dentist, let me know and I'll send you the info. He is very kind - talked to me on the phone extensively before I even committed to seeing him and was just looking for information.


Yes, I'd like the info  :)


I have a crown.  The endo put me on antibx and since then I've been pain free but I'm not expecting it to last forever.  I'm afraid it might be a crappy crown because the regular dentist I just saw for a different tooth mentioned something about it not having 'contact'.  She had a heavy Indian accent so she was a bit hard to understand.  Also, the tooth next to it has extreme sensitivity to cold so she mentioned that might need a root canal as well since it already has a very large filling.  I want to try redoing the filling first.

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I just sent you a PM, but thought I'd post here to in case anyone else is interested:

Dr. Memoli in Berkeley Heights, NJ
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