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Congrats!!! He is adorable smile.gif
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So happy for you!!!

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Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Lou is now on day three of life and it seems like he's always been here. I don't have it in me to write out a full birth story so I thought I'd do a short version. I know I love reading everyone's and want to contribute, too! It's pretty messy and not punctuated, but at least it's something...


i woke up on friday to a busy day, thank god, as i was so grumpy about being 41.5 weeks. thinking back on it my day sort of felt like that scene in goodfellas when henry is being chased by the helicopter. except instead of dealing with marinara sauce, guns and cocaine, i had to deal with school drop-off/pick-up, making soup for my acupuncturist, picking up my mother in law from the airport, and random little things thrown in too. i was happy to be frazzled and busy. however i didn't quite make it to all of my errands. around 11:30 i felt some first wave crampy contractions while dropping errol off at school. i called evan to give him the heads up, as it felt like something might be happening FINALLY, and decided to grocery shop at the trader joe's by his work so that i could pick him up if need be. i started timing them at tj's and they were about 10 minutes apart and mild but steady enough to take seriously. we decide to have evan leave work and he dropped me at home to busy myself while he picked up his mom. so i putzed around the house and ate some good protein just in case it was the last time i could eat. the next couple of hours are sort of a blur. i did some laundry, texted some family/friends that shit could possibly be going down, did some good stair climbs to keep things moving. evan's mom picked up the kids from school and kept them out of the house for the rest of the day. around four i felt the need to be upstairs near the bathroom just in case, so evan i took to bed to ride out the next part of labor. he wanted to call the midwife and doula to come and i'm all... please. the contractions started getting more intense and evan and i got through them together on our bed with lots of pillows for comfort, cold washcloths, and a heat compress on my back. the entire time i was ragging on myself for being such a wuss as i thought i wasn't as progressed as i was. i never made it into labor la la land as i did with errol. my contractions never evened out. they were coming faster and stronger but not on a rhythm really so that's why i thought i wasn't as far along as i was. thank god evan convinced me we HAD to call our midwife and doula (call was made maybe around 4:30?) because they arrived just in time... i think with 45 minutes to spare. we had planned to use the birth tub but that wasn't set up in time. the midwives were still setting up/boiling herbs downstairs when i felt myself bearing down and flipped onto all fours. pushing was super difficult this time, not time wise (i only pushed for 7 minutes) but it felt AWFUL and not like the relief i was expecting and had experienced with errol. i felt myself push something out, thinking it was the head, and i could hear people bounding up the stairs. i felt down there to see what it was and turns out i pushed out the sac and it was intact. that freaked me out as i was expecting a head but was quickly reassured by my midwife. a few pushes later out came his head, and the sac broke just before it popped out. i was able to blow through one urge to push (to avoid tearing) but that's it. before i knew it everyone was giving me instructions to keep going and pushing even though i didn't feel the urge and i sensed a slight panic in the room. i couldn't really comprehend what was being asked of me at first, but then got with it. i had to lunge forward with one leg and push without the urge to push (super weird feeling) to get his body out, which thankfully i did in one push. later on i was told that his shoulder was stuck (not true dystocia, just a big-boned baby who came too fast to make room for himself) and his head had been out for longer than a minute so his body needed to come too. i had also planned on catching the baby but couldn't do so in the position i was pushing in. but i at least got to flip around quickly and touch him/rub him right after he came out and got to witness his first cry. we immediately did skin to skin while the midwives took vitals. for being such a fast birth and for being stuck, he handled it remarkably well. apgars of 10! the funky pushing position did me in, though, so i'm on bed rest for about a week while i heal. but he's worth it! i have to say it was so nice to just... chill in bed with our baby right after labor. homebirth rules.

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rock on, mama!  intense!

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Wow, go you!!
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 good job mama! thanks for sharing & congrats again! :)

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Awesome story, mama.  Rest well!

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Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it.

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Welcome Lou! Happy babymoon!!!

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