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Vaccines that contain aborted fetuses...which ones?

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I have a friend who is, for the most part, against vaccines but has caved in on a few and always worries about what to say to family that questions her choices.  One of the things she feels strongly about is the vaccines that contain cells of aborted fetuses but is unsure of which ones contain them or what words are used on the ingredient label to indicate this.  My personal research on the matter was three years ago and I honestly don't recall all the details and was hoping someone here may have a fast answer for me off the top of their head.  I think it's the chicken pox and the MMR that contain them?  Is that all?  And is there something on the ingredient label to indicate this?

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Hope this helps.
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It does!   Thank you!

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No vaccines contain cells of aborted fetuses.
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Did I not use the correct 'scientific' term or did you not know that they do in fact contain them.  See the link someone posted to me above.  There are many many sources that give this information...I know that...just was looking for a quick link for my friend. 

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So they aren't constanly aborting fetuses for the vaccines - they took the one for each vax and created a cell line from that fetus and they use that cell line to grow diseases. 

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I think whether or not your friend might be bothered by the issue comes down to what her objections are.


I do not think there are aborted baby parts in vaccines.  


Some vaccines are grown in cultures/cell lines from aborted fetuses.  The wording gets tricky, but here is a mainstream article on the whole thing:




I do not know if there is DNA or other residue from the aborted fetuses in the vaccine.  Anyone know?


I have a problem with vaccines being made from cell lines from aborted fetuses as I have ethical concerns with using aborted fetuses for medical purposes.  I would still not be Ok with the fact aborted fetuses were used even if no traces of fetus at all were present in vaccines.


I thought this was an interesting website from a Prolife POV:



Some of the graphics on the above site are unpleasant, however there are some good articles and it does list which vaccine might have been grown in aborted fetus cultures - and what it considers ethical alternatives. Hep. A., for example, has  a vaccine that uses aborted fetal cells, and a vaccine that does not.

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I have removed a couple of posts and will post a reminder of the UA for this forum. WK, I think maybe you haven't been posting since we updated the guidelines but the INV forum is for those not vaccination or seriously considering not vaccination. Please be respectful of the UA of the INV forum: 


I'm Not Vaccinating - This is a support-only forum for those not or those seriously considering not vaccinating. Here we host discussion of issues that arise when choosing to not vaccinate and sharing of resources and information that are related to the no-vax decision. Members who are vaccinating should not post here to debate or argue accuracy or opinion of things posted. 
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Here is an archived thread on the vaccines which contain HUMAN DIPLOID CELLS (from aborted fetuses) dated 8/14/07




Varivax (CP) - Merck & Co.
Varilrix (CP) - GSK

Vaqta (Hep A) - Merck & Co.
Havrix (Hep A) - GSK
Avaxim (Hep A) - Sanofi
Epaxal (Hep A) - Berna

Twinrix (Hep A & B) - GSK

Vivaxim (Hep A & Typhoid) - Sanofi

MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) - Merck & Co.
Priorix (measles, mumps, rubella) - Sanofi

MR VAX (measles, rubella) - Merck & Co.
Eolarix (measles, rubella) - GSK

Biavax II (mumps, rubella) - Merck & Co.

Meruvax II (Rubella) - Merck & Co.

ProQuad/MMR-V (MMR + chickenpox) - Merck & Co.

Poliovax - Sanofi Pasteur
DT Polio Adsorb. - Sanofi Pasteur

Pentacel (Polio Combination - DTaP + polio+ HiB) - Sanofi Pasteur
Infanrix (Polio Combination - DTaP + polio+ HiB) - Sanofi Pasteur
Quadracel (Polio Combination - DTaP + polio+ HiB) - Sanofi Pasteur

Imovax (Rabies) - Sanofi Pasteur

Enbrel (rheumatoid/OsteoArthritis) - Amgen

Xigris (Sepsis) - Eli Lilly

Zostavax (Shingles) - Merck & Co.

Acambis 1000 (Smallpox) - Acambis

and, still in development:
MRKAd5HIV-1 (HIV) - Merck & Co.
As-yet-unnamed vaxes for Ebola (mfrd by Crucell/NIH), Flu (MedImmune Vaxin), and Avian Flu (Sanofi)

Full (printable) chart & more info at:

More info on how these fetal cell lines were procured

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The final product isn't screened for RNA of the fetal tissue. So some fragments can make it into the final product. Just like no vaccine that is grown in animal tissue is screened for prions or unknown animal viruses... It's a big pet peeve for me.

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The chickenpox contains MRC-5 cells (aborted fetus cells) including DNA and protein . . I think a few others do as well like the rubella, but I may be wrong. Here's a link to the chickenpox vaccine insert!: http://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/v/varivax/varivax_pi.pdf




The product also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein


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