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That sounds so scary, lovemylab! I'm glad it wasn't early labour.
I wish the weather was nicer here too but it's mostly still under the freezing mark. I just can't brave much out there yet and we are both getting really tired of being stuck at home. It's really taking a toll emotionally and I just want to run away for a day greensad.gif
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Yuck, sorry you guys had to go through that - it was hard on us just suffering through the colds we got this season!! I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer either, it will seriously improve everyone's mood I think!


We have been doing a bit better too.  Things are at their best when everyone is well rested, well fed, and needs met.  Unfortunately that's a really, really hard mark to make!! I do find that DS picks up on my stress (and perhaps this is why things can seem harder than they are - I am not in a good place, which makes everything else seem more intense), so I am trying to make sure that I get breaks when I can.  I never really needed much time away from DS, and in fact I do best when we spend most of our time together and DH and I just get our one "date night".  But lately I need more "me" time...and date night has needed to be put on the back burner for a while :(  We just had a small weekend get away and I feel SO much better, but I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed again with DH's crazy work schedule combined with the fact that DS has decided to abandon naps.....there is always *something*!  I just need to make sure that I schedule in some time in for myself so that I can take down my stress levels a notch.  I finally understand why SAHM's send their kids to preschool so "young", lol!

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That's the challenge, BabySmurf - me time! But DH is a whole lot sicker than I am right now and all DD wants is mommy mommy MOMMY!!!! Even my mom whom she will gladly abandon me for for hours is chopped liver right now. Tomorrow is another day though, sanity perhaps included.
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That sounds awful, I really hope you are all feeling better soon and that you get a chance to rest and have some of that much-needed me time!   I definitely hear you about the winter taking a big emotional toll-I think DS and I would feel sooo much better if we could go outside more.  It won't be long now though (I hope!)


Things have been kind of tough here lately-DS is so happy and bubbly most of the time, but he has been having these long, intense bouts of screaming both during the day and at night when he wakes up.  It's almost like a meltdown where he just loses control and can't calm down on his own.  His sleeping has been pretty wonky (it's hard for him to fall asleep, which makes it hard to stay in a consistent pattern) so I think that's part of it, and his speech delay might be part of it too.  Last night was really good though-he went down early and slept for over 11 hours.  It seems like you always get that break just when you've hit the end of your rope.   Oh, and one more thing that's made life easier is that for whatever reason nursing suddenly became less painful once I hit my 3rd trimester (still get those creepy-crawlies though unfortunately).  I hope you get the some relief from the pain too!


Thanks for that link, BabySmurf.  I think it would really help both me and DS if I took more time to talk about how I'm feeling.  I am going to try getting down on his level more too.

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