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Glucose Test - Side Effects

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I had my 28 week glucose test (first one) last week. It was the "take a nasty 50 g glucose drink and wait an hour" test. I was not expecting the crazy side effects from it! I've been lucky in that I haven't had any real pregnancy woes throughout but this test caused massive heartburn and diarrhea for 24 hours. Has anyone else experienced this? I stay away from refined sugar so maybe this is the reason? I took it without dye as well to try to minimize the nastiness that is apparently in it. 


Anyways! No fun at all but everything is back to normal now.

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I've known people to throw up the drink. It's a lot of sugar at once and not particularly appetizing. 


I know you've already taken the test this time, but know that in the future, it's not something you have to do. You can decline the test or choose to test using food.

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This "test" is garbage. I wasn't told till way later, but the majority of women are sent for the 3hour test due to a false-positive for GD, meaning the first 1-hour test says they have GD but the 3 hour test says they don't. (Red is link)


It's REALLY important to know:

  • Your test result numbers (different doctors have different cut offs)
  • There is NO standard (as in the cut off numbers)
  • This "test" is OPTIONAL
  • This test is unreliable (you can take it every day for a week and get different results)
  • That much sugar is impossible to consume on a daily basis and you need to really pig out on sugars to do so
  • That much sugar is bad for you and baby
  • The 3-hour test (starve yourself AND baby for 8-12 hours) is EXTREMELY dangerous and not good for either of you.
  • ONLY if you meet the high risk group should you test (doctors don't follow this, but odds are you don't qualify to take this test)


If you're under 130 on the 1-hour test, you're fine. 


If you meet the risk factors and/or do the 3 hour test just-in-case, eat HIGH CARB FOR 3 DAYS BEFORE THE TEST (no one told me this until way after).


Your 3 hour results should be:

At 0 hour (test before you drink glucose to make sure you're ok to do it): Between 60-90.

At 1 hour: Below 180

At 2 hours: Below 155

At 3 hours: Below 140


I "failed" my 1 hour by 10 points (Again, I didn't know about the 3-day carb loading) and did the 3 hour (I was told I had no choice but to take both the 1 hour and 3 hour....LIES I don't have any risk factors!).

I did the 3 hour and these were my results:

0 hour: 35

1 hour: 190

2 hour:155

3 hour: 80

I asked my nephrologist (kidney doctor, I was born with Unilateral Renal Agenesis) about this "test" and he chewed me out saying no one should do this test unless symptoms of diabetes were present OR have risk factor(s). I have NEVER had any problems with sugar or diabetes-related and all of my tests have always come back normal or low (before, during and after pregnancy).


I was deemed "GD" but I knew it wasn't right. My midwife did random finger prick tests and I was always low or on the low side of normal. I ended up homebirthing a perfectly healthy baby who was well within normal range. And if you have untreated GD, the babies are almost always 9+pounds. My baby was 7 pounds even.

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I declined the test, couldn't stomach the drink.  I took an alternative of the test with food.

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Fairydust- Can you explain the carb load bit and how it helps? Does it buffer the sugar so you don't spike? I have a friend who's ob is insisting (and saying shell have to find another OB if she doesn't) no risk factors but up until now liked this ob. She doesnt eat much in the way of carbs (whole grains, super health freak) and no excessive sugar except what naturally occurs in fruits, etc. She commented that the most sugar she had last week was from the fresh pineapple she couldn't stop eating! I saw your post and thought I'd ask. Thanks...
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Guppy: Carbs turn into a (good) sugar. According to my nephro (and midwife) carb-loading re-trained the body how to process sugar. According to my nephro, most types of diabetes are caused by the body either "forgetting" how ot process sugar or just becoming too "lazy" to process it. Carb-loading helps re-train the body. 


My nephro has repeatedly told me this: We are all supposed to be on a high-carb, high-fruits/veggies, low-meat diet, with only an extra 300 calories in pregnancy (Unless you have a clear case of diabetes. Follow your doctor's orders on your diabetes diet).


None of this is medical advice, simply what my nephro has told me. 


Concerning your friend, tell her to find another OB (or, if she's wanting a natural birth, midwife!!). It's an OPTIONAL test with pros and cons. The doctor can't force anything on her; Informed Consent is required for EVERYTHING. If he threatens her, that makes any test illegal and invalid.


The 50g of sugar in the 1 hour or the 3-hour test with 100g of sugar is NOT healthy for anyone, especially a fetus.

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Thanks for the info - really helpful. I shared with her. She's found another ob in the next town (same hospital) for a consult later this week. She's high risk (I can't remember why) so midwife was out and in a small town so options were limited. She's just frustrated! I'm glad to live in a city with lots of options. Thanks again!
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Glad she found an OB. Hopefully her OB is better than my 2 were. You are very welcome, I know it's a lot of info, but for whatever reason I can never say what I want in just a few words.

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Uggh, I hate the Glucose Test.  I have Kaiser Permanente, and they've always had me do the one-hour version.  You drink the 50 g clear glucose drink in the lab and hang out for an hour for the blood draw.  You're allowed to drink water while you're waiting, but that's it.  They don't seem to care what eat or drink BEFORE the test, since no one's ever given me any "instructions", so I always try to eat a high protein meal before I go in, hoping it will buffer the effect of the sugar bomb that follows.


Never had any real wild side effects, just get real loopy from all the sugar and feel kinda yucky for awhile, since sugar is not a normal part of my diet (aside from what naturally occurs in fruits).  I always get a ride home after this test, since I'm hypoglycemic, and get real spacy afterwards, and worry that it could affect my ability to drive.


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