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irritated perineum postpartum

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Cross-posting in homebirth...DS3 was born 3.5 weeks ago.  I had a first degree tear that we left unstitched.  It seemed like it was healing fine but about a a week ago everything down there started feeling really irritated and sore.  There's a lot of redness, more on the side where the tear is/was.  This happened after DS1 was born too, with a 2nd degree tear that was stitched and took 10 weeks to stop feeling so irritated.  I don't think anything is actually infected as the midwife did a culture when this happened last time and there was no infection.  I've never had a yeast infection.  Any ideas why things feel so irritated and what I can do about it?

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i think you just had a baby. take it easy mama and keep doing what you are doing to make sure there is no infection.what does your midwife suggest?

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If you are still using pads, it could be irritation, try some air time. I would probably get a check for yeast though just to be sure since it can be very common in the postpartum.
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I think it is yeast, just not sure how to treat it.  Midwife recommended caprylic acid.

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i tried caprylic acid at one point in my life and i remember it worked. 

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