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okay, 12 wks 3 days


#1 is if I suck in everything to the point of being slightly uncomfortable.  Whch is what I had been doing in order to keep this under wraps

#2 is how my belly actually looks...thank god I'm 12 wks and don't need to hide this anymore!  Especially since there isn't much difference in the sucked in vs not sucked in anymore

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I dont show until 15-16 weeks. Im 10 weeks 6 days today.

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Here is my belly at 13+2 days most of the bloat is gone now and it's just baby which is nice. My fundal height is only about two finger widths below my belly button. 

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Aw I love the bumps! Here's mine, at 14 + 2 :) Danielle, how do you find your fundal height?



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You are looking great Dahlia, re: fundal height, if you lay down flat and gently press on your abdomen probably somewhere half way between your pubic bone and your belly button you'll feel a slight ridge which will be the top of your uterus, it will feel much firmer than the rest of your stomach.
Must get a photo this week! :-)
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14 weeks 5 days!!! Starting to feel better finally!!
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13 weeks! Edd by the wheel is a couple days behind the online stuff and I'll take the latest date I can get to save me anguish at the end!

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11 Weeks, 3 Days!



Uh, sorry for the unfortunate bottle placement. lol.gif

Most of the pictures taken around here are of my kiddos, so I'll take what I can get! Hopefully I can get a 13 week picture this week.

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15 weeks 2 days
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Here I am, 15 weeks 2 days :) you look great too Danielle! Everyone's bumps are so cute! 


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I just realized I said 15 + 2. I'm actually just + 1. I thought today was Wednesday lol.. duh.gif

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I'm going to be like ciga and post a 'sucking in' vs. 'letting it all blob out' comparison:







Quite the difference, no?  I'm still 'hiding' when I work --with lose clothes and stomach muscles.  lol.gif

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Oh, and I'm 16 weeks + 2 days

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I'm going to wait to start posting til I'm actually showing.... right now it's all bloating still.... my uterus is maybe a centimeter above my pubic bone so what little bump you see... is just intestines. honestly right??? I mean they're obviously sticking out more because the uterus is pushing everything up... but it's not baby, it's bloat. I'm 12 weeks 2 days today.. and I've been taking pictures every week since week 4... and it is pretty much just varying degrees of bloatedness like a little more severe than what I had when I was PMS'ing, no fun! When I actually feel a hard baby bump and not squishy water retention/bloating... then I'll post pictures! 

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Obviously mine is not all hard baby bump, since I can suck it all in.  lol.gif  It's a big bag of moosh around my middle and I have felt grotesque for two and a half months now!  

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I know what you mean about the moosh! It's getting to the point where I can't suck it all in, but it's still mostly soft. We'll be at the "firm bump stage" soon enough. orngtongue.gif

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I reallllly think that any mush/bumpiness up until 12-14ish weeks is really just your organs moving upwards and outwards from the expanding uterus, and the slower digestive tract making everything look fuller, and retained water. I just feel so gross/fat... I will be really happy when the top of my uterus is at least halfway up towards my bellybutton so I can feel like it's actual baby causing the bump.

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Jesus, y'all are too damn cute...I just look straight up fat LOL.
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Okay ladies Here I am 12 weeks 4 days 





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16 weeks 2 days pregnant with my first son!!!
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