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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

I guess I haven't.  I've gained a third of my body weight at this point, and I don't relish the growth anywhere except the belly.  It's one part of pregnancy that is hard for me to deal with each time, despite knowing I have lost all the weight in previous pregnancies.  But, to be sure I don't trigger negative thought in other women, I will censure myself from posting any negative statements.  

Don't censor yourself! You should be able to vent and be honest about how you feel. It's actually better for us to talk about it and get good feedback and encouragement than to have yet ANOTHER thing to feel anxious and crappy about!!

You look gorgeous, by the way!!!
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Slammerkin, I love the boxers! I've been doing that a lot, lately. DH's boxers paired with a giant t-shirt. It makes me feel super cozy and close to him.


Serafina, your current preggo body reminds me so much of my own. And I think you look fantastic!


Here's the 27 week shot. Is it okay to call it third trimester at this point? Or is that next week?


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Originally Posted by Soleilmama333 View Post

Woman with beautiful bodies and pregnant bellies complaining of blubber and feeling fat...come on, really?!  Haven't women as a gender finally put an end to body image issues while being pregnant yet?!  Own your pregnancy, love your body...you are growing a human being and it's beautiful.  Nevermind, the unease and insecurity you are creating for women who actually struggle with weight issues.


I've seen way too many posts of woman saying they are fat while pregnant when in all reality they are gorgeous.


I wish I could.... but as someone who was anorexic for 6 years on top of the current financial issues that I'm having with my husband (I quit my job a year ago and haven't worked consistently and consequently have no money/power of my own and no control- and he makes barely enough for us to scrape by) ... having an out of control body and no power financially/career wise is REALLY hard to deal with. I have considered myself "recovered" from my eating disorder for the last 5 years... mostly due to my yoga practice-- pregnancy is just restimulating all the old control issues that I had before. I can't just let go and let my body do whatever it wants to do-- because I'm afraid I'lll gain a ton of weight and I know that that will be a lot more stressful and not to mention not good for my baby if Im so concerned about losing an excess amount of weight/depressed about it after.. so I'm trying to be preventative in a way by not gaining a ton, so that I don't have PPD, or not enough milk supply because I'm starving myself trying to get rid of the 40-50 pounds I gained rather than the 20 I told myself was okay. 

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Personally, I think it would be wonderful if thin/average sized woman stopped mentioning that they feel or look fat, because a) it's not true and b) it sets others up to feel blazingly insecure about themselves.


I see no good in it. 


Now, asking for support for one's own body image issues is a totally different thing.  That harms no one and leads only to help, nurturing and guidance. 


I have had one too many friends who feel like dirt as a person because of women who say they are fat when they are SO obviously not.  It's like plunging the knife in deeper and then twisting it. Put yourself in their shoes and I'm sure you will understand.

I wish I could burn every tabloid/celebrity magazine out there so that we can relearn to love our bodies.


*Getting off my soapbox*

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I disagree. I think it is one thing to say you LOOK fat when there is no physical evidence to back that up, but it is unfair to say that I women shouldn't say that she FEELs fat, huge, heavy, etc. I know I don't look big, except my belly of course, but I do FEEL big! I can't breath most of the time, walking causes me to hurt and gasp for air, tying my shoes is completely out of the question, I can barely bend over to put my underwear on, the weight on my legs is noticeable, and I have trouble getting out of the siting position without help. to say I AM fat is false, however, to say I feel very heavy is very true. We all handle out insecurities differently. I watch what I eat...people at work will ask why I don't want to order out with them and I say "I don't need Chinese food weight added to my body!" Or something of that nature. I love my growing belly!! It's the growing thighs and arms I'm not a big fan of, and not being able to exercise at all without feeling like I'm gonna die does not help that!
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Well put, Abk! I agree with you. We all have the right to feel however we feel! I think it crosses a line into negative self talk when we just nit pick at our bodies for any imperfection, real or perceived. 

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I think the main thing we should keep out of this thread is judgement of others. This is a support thread, so lets keep it about supporting each other and granting each other the right to speak about their individual experience. Everyone's experience is relative anyway. :-)
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Often we see ourselves differently than others. When I posted my comparison pictures, I said it was an ego boost (no matter how short lived). I know that I'm thinner and healthier now, but I had to actually see the pictures side by side because I often still see the first picture (or bigger...I was at my heaviest when DS1 was 9 months old) when I look in the mirror. It's true that I'm a healthy weight now...technically I know that, but that doesn't always mean I believe it. I wish we could all see ourselves for the beautiful women we are, but it's not that simple.
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I didn't mean to come across as judgemental at all, I just wish we could all be more kind to ourselves :)

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dahlia, I think you've been very supportive!! Love your name too.
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Hahaha right back atcha! 

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31 weeks!!!!
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Aww, how cute abk!

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Abk, you look awesome as always! 


My mom told me today that everyone she talks to thinks that I look gigantic. I don't know how to take it lol. I'm not really offended, because I don't personally think I look gigantic.. But I do feel a little defensive about it because, hey, I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant! I'd be more concerned if I didn't have a big baby belly! 

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Dahlia, I feel like I've been huge since early on. I am only 28 weeks and I think I'm bigger than you! People at work keep saying "Oh, it must be soon, huh?" No. Thanks for making me feel huge, though. :/ But, meh, I figure I'm just one of those who gets big and shows early. There is a woman in my first-time moms group who is due two days after me and I think she looks like I did at about 18 weeks! So strange the variety in how women grow and carry babies, eh?

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Yogini -food for thought- I don't think it would be possible for me to gain only 20 pounds per pregnancy, unless i was on a massive restrictive diet the entire pregnancy.  I've always gained 40-50 pounds, it's just what I do.  Try not to stress too much about how much weight you gain and remember that you won't be as obsessed as you think you will be, about your body, once the baby is born. Your priorities will shift in such a massive, massive way once the baby is born and your bikini bod will no longer feel like the most important thing in the universe....that little girl will.  I swear.  And the weeks and months will fly by as your little girl hits all her milestones, and if you are EBFing, the weight will melt off surprisingly fast.  

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Thank you. I love the way my belly looks!!
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Maine mama, I think I forgot to give a shout out to you! You look so pretty, such a cute baby belly! My doctor calls 28 weeks the start of the third trimester, but I've heard 27 weeks called the third too. 

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27 week bump! Feeling awesome. The heat wave we just had on the east coast didn't bother me a bit, surprisingly.

ETA: we went from heat index of 100°+ last week to a random 63° morning yesterday, hence the sweater. smile.gif
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Looking good Lyndie! I'm glad the heatwave didn't bother you! I just spent as much time indoors as possible haha

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