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I keep meaning to take a cute one! But forgetting. This is literally the only one I have so far (and I'm in my pajamas)! My DD took it the other night. All the sudden it looks like I'm smuggling a ball under my shirt or something. I'm 29 weeks and can't imagine that there's still 10+ weeks to get bigger.


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Lol! You look great superbeans! 

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Superbeans, I think you look great.


And as for the 10 weeks...I keep hoping one of you ladies will chime in and say something like, "But remember how you don't get any bigger during the last two months?". 

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some pictures from today. first time leaving the house in 9 days. I've been super freaking sick with sinus infection that turned into bronchitis. my teeth still hurt when I walk... but I really wanted to get outside for sun and air.


29 weeks plus 3 days..... in 30th week.. 10 to go.... probably more like 7 though hopefully. 



I look bigger in this one because I'm leaning back and sticking it out


and smaller here because I'm standing with good posture and engaging my abs. so weird. 

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Look at all these stunning bellies! I have to say I'm so envious of you ladies in summer clothes out enjoying the sunshine. I'm tucked up in bed, fire roaring and getting my knit on!
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okay here's my 32 weeks


and then all this talk about how much bigger we have to grow made me look back at my photos from DS


so the 1st is 30 week and the 2nd is 38+ weeks


that belly definitely grew. all my stretch marks appeared during this crazy spurt and I felt like a torpedo walking around with that belly in front of me at the end

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how tall are you ciga?? you do have a torpedo/basketball belly!!! that's such a cute shape though!! you probably have people rushing to open doors for you and carry your stuff!! people still look at me trying to decide if i'm preggo or fat still!

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Yogini, I would never think you are pregnant....never. I still can't figure out where your baby is exactly. Lol.
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yogini-  I'm 5'8" with a relatively long torso. My babies just pop I guess. It's funny too because my doula was palpating the baby last night and noted how this one is so settled down in my pelvis and kind of hidden. My son was like that too.  You'd think that might show on the outside but nope.

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Cool comparison shot ciga!

Maine Mama I keep meaning to say I love your wallpaper!

31 weeks here.

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Thanks! And I love that vanity top!

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34 weeks 2 days!!!! Baby Keeps trying to start labor so we wanted to get belly casting done!!

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Wow, that's really cool abk. 

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Thanks! We had never done it before, but I always thought it looked cool. We are going to have the kids paint or white something special on it when it's all dry smile.gif
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Oh Abk, that's so cool and such a special keepsake to have! :-)
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Welp, here I am, 33 weeks!


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Super cute Dahlia. smile.gif

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Thanks slammerkin :) I keep reminding myself just a few more weeks to go now!

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Fun with my weekly belly update this week. This was my Christmas Party dress from last fall. It is not nearly so slimming now.


31 weeks.

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Haha, I love it Maine Mama! You look great! 

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