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35 weeks today! Yay! I'm getting further away from the premie zone! He scared me for a while, but I think he will make it another week or two. Maybe longer!

You all look so great!
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Abk! look at that beautiful belly! 35 wks yay! not much longer now! my ds1 who is 5.5yrs old asked if 4wks was a long time today and i said no not really we could have your baby sister in 4wks to which he said "oh" hehe.

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I know what you mean Danielle. We know that it could be anytime, but say a couple more weeks when people ask. It's kind of a scary thought. With everything going on with my grandpa, I'm scared to have him. I'm just too busy!
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okay, we're at 33 weeks here! This is my new favorite most comfortable dress ever. I went into a maternity/children's consignment store yesterday and I was like "i want to put that on right now and not take it off til this baby is born". Pretty much all of my maternity shirts no longer cover my whole belly so everything is like a layering fiasco with tank tops and bella bands that are just so hot. This is just a simple shift with just enough detailing to make it feel pretty. Anyway...33 weeks!


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Abk I love your belly! I haven't been brave enough to bare it yet haha. Maybe next time!


Ciga, you look fantastic! And I love your dress, it's so cute on you! I have a maxi maternity dress that I looove, it's similar to that one but purple!

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Ciga, you look great! That dress is so cute!!

I freaking hate clothes right now. Everything squeezes something. Lol
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Thanks guys! You are both looking lovely too!

and yes, clothes are mostly evil right now. I was thinking the other day how nice it will be in October to actually be able to bend over in pants without flinching.

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You all look great! Ciga, I love the dress; how nice to have something comfy! I'm so sick of everything falling down when I walk. I hadn't taken any belly pics this time, but my 7-year-old took this one yesterday. 32 1/2 weeks with #3 and wearing a non-maternity t-shirt in complete denial of facts. ;)


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I can't wait to be able to bend over and breath at the same time. Lol.
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HappiLeigh and ciga, you both look great. I'm jealous of both of you with your pretty curly hair.

Here's me at 32 weeks.
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Happi, you look so pretty! Who needs maternity clothes haha!


Slammerkin, woo hoo, 32 weeks, getting close! You look great!

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The belly at 34 weeks :-)
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You're all belly, Danielle! Looking good mama!

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31 weeks smile.gif
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Looking great, graci! 


Here I am today at 34 weeks... Today a cashier asked if there's more than 1 in there. I didn't think I looked THAT big.


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Thank you, Dahlia! You look great, too! That cashier is yet another example of people just not realising that pregnant women come in all different shapes and sizes! I constantly got told I looked like I was carrying twins in my first pregnancy, which I wasn't a fan of. Now people tell me I barely look pregnant (which is obviously untrue) and I don't know how to take that either!
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Seriously! My belly is like a torpedo. I still have a waist, pretty much, and you can't tell that I'm pregnant from behind at all! I think I just carry out front I guess?

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lucky you!  My best friend is like that.  Cone belly, or like she swallowed a watermelon that then decided to stick out perpindicular from her body.  Me, on the other hand, you can see the weight from behind.  I just blob out like a beach ball and lose all definition everywhere.  At least my face looks ok.  No swelling in hands or legs/feet either.


Gorgeous ladies!

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Dahlia, I get asked that pretty much every time I go out in public. My good friend, who i hadn't seen in a few weeks, actually asked me that a few days ago and even though I smiled I was tempted to slap her.  Today I'm going to see a bunch of people who haven't seen me since early in the 2nd trimester and I'm trying to figure out what I can wear that won't get too many comments about how big I am. I'm not sure that its possible. 


You guys look beautiful!

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My best friend was all "Dude, I don't think you're gonna make it to your due date!" eyesroll.gif I don't think the size of my belly is an indicator of when this baby is coming, but I wouldn't really know, since this is my first, and she wouldn't know either, since she has never been pregnant!


I can't believe the way some people just STARE at the belly. This chick at work just stares in fascination at my belly every time she sees me. Kinda creeps me out.

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