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We are so thorough as a group, i love it smile.gif.
I had been using a oil/clay based soap bar from the health food store. I only wash underarms& genital area&feet. For some reason i changed to a vanilla smelling one by same natural soap maker, dont think its the problem..? Maybe I soaped my belly a couple times thinking since i oiled it & had zits i needed to but that phase is over. Then i found little cuts from scratching in my sleep or something from my unstoppable nail growth. I think I am going to get that Cetaphil everyones talking about, it must be much more gentle than natural veggie oil soaps then? I I bet I will love it. Just tonight I tried shea butter...smile.gif! So far so good. Its sooo nice. So different than coconut oil. They told me its something about the different kind of soluble fats. I am so glad you all recommended it, I couldnt find any of the other blends but they had that 100%shea butter. I scooped it into a jar&let it sit in hot water in sink to melt& now...my belly is soft, its like love at first sight. And creamy&sinks right in. I think I am going to put some on my dry heels before bed.
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post

I have NO idea at all if using just Coconut oil would dry out your skin.  We use it during sex and it lasts for a while but we usually need to apply more ... so maybe it does dry your skin out a bit?!  As for dry skin, I have a rash on one arm and one leg that looks like bug bites because I scratch it SO much and using the Eucrin helps calm my skin and the itch.  I would say using a moisturizer CAN HELP prevent stretch marks but there's no guarantee that you won't get them.  I've delivered 6 and barely have them on my stomach (if any at all) but i do have them on my hips and boobs.

 I think your theory is true for me, it dries out &i flake, needing more. We will see after my trial with shea butter. I wonder why some people dont get dry from it since its so popular, i wonder so much about everything. Now I think I may try the sex idea with my coconut oil smile.gif
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My update is that with the shea butter, I had tons of flakiness the next day like when I lift up my shirt a big poof, but not itchy. the flakiness from the coconut oil was much different and definitely itchy. so I guess flakiness is normal& ok. I'm so happy I found the microphone feature so I can say what I want and it types it out smile.gif now hopefully I can be more part of the group.
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I used a lanolin cream which helped to stop my skin drying.  That helped a great deal.  My daughter is using cocoa butter and is very pleased with it.

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I have recently been researching natural treatments for stretch marks and I found this very helpful



I hope you too find this very helpful.

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