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We are trying to decide bewteen two great looking preschools that both have a lovely atmosphere. One is a bit further away, smaller, recently set up by a passionate lady about the early years woth a great deal of varied experience, where the children go out into the woods and surrounding areas each morning, with highscope/steiner based time in the afternoon, with everyone finishing at the same time in the afternoon. I love the ethos and my concerns are that we would have to drive there rather than cycle and that she is keen to learn reading etc (although aware she has got plently of time at school to do so). The other is a bit closer and more established, larger preschool, part of an independent school where the children join the rest of the school at lunchtime. It is more montessori focused in the approach, with free flow outside and one day a week forest school (although we might not be able to do that day) and my concerns are that it could be a little too formal in being very much a preSCHOOL in its approach.... Our just-3 year old is intelligent, inquisitive, independent and strong-willed. She loves reading and is keen to learn sounds and mark making as well as counting; she is also highly imaginative. I am really torn as to which preschool might give her the best skills to start life with. At home we do plenty of time outside as well as reading and making things. She will probably have to go to the local primary school once she is 4.5 (there are no montessori school or any other alternative school options locally).

Any advice?!! Thanks:-)