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4 yr. old with random vomiting and dizzy spells

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I have been searching and searching for information on what would cause random dizzy spells and vomiting in a preschooler. Let's just say there is so much information, I'm totally lost!


My daughter, who will be 4 in two weeks, has had three dizzy spells over the last year and two episodes of vomiting. Neither is accompanied by illness - fever, congestion, etc. Occasionally, at different times, she'll have a day or two of diarrhea. None of these three occur together. On average, I would say one of these symptoms presents itself every other month for the last year.


She has never been a sickly kid - in fact, the first time she ever had a fever, she was nearly two! I am at a loss even for what questions to ask her physician. Maybe it really is totally random and nothing particular causes any of it, just random kid kinks working themselves out. But my heart says that I cannot allow my daughter to continue being completely freaked out when 'the world is spinning' (her words) or to just be playing happily one minute, then vomiting all over the carpet the next.


She doesn't have any known allergies. No one else in our immediate family has any food allergies. I am allergic to cats, dogs, and latex and also am gluten intolerant (no biopsy to confirm celiac). So there is possibly a small genetic predisposition but I would think other signs would have shown themselves by now.


Has anyone been there, done that on such vague feelings and random symptoms and figured out how to help their child?

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She's experiencing vertigo. I have had vertigo like that and it was inner ear issues. If it were just random vomit stuff I'd be thinking differently than I do given it's accompanied by the dizziness. That screams inner ear or neuro to me though I know viruses can do that too.

I do think you need a doctor. If you saw one and they didn't rule anything out/run tests I think you need another. I wouldn't ignore this.
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I would have it checked out to make sure it isn't anything more serious, but it could be just benign positional vertigo. That is pretty easily corrected with a maneuver called the Epley Maneuver.
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Thank you for your responses! I have an appointment set up for her in two weeks with a new physician, so I will be asking him to help us figure this out. 

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