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HELP!! My snoring is keeping DP awake at night!

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MY sweetheart is a very light sleeper and often, if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he can't get back to sleep.  This has been an issue lately as I have started snoring!


Prepregnancy I rarely if ever snored.  If and when I did, I usually woke myself up and the snoring would cease pretty quickly. 


I started snoring about a month ago, but first it was only when sleeping on my left side.  Now I am snoring pretty much the whole night, no matter what position I am in, and I don't even notice it!  Actually, last night I did wake myself up a few times, but the snoring continued as soon as I went back to sleep.


None of this would be too big of an issue if my DP wasn't such a light sleeper.  Every morning he starts the day with "oh my goodness, your snoring was intense last night!"  I worry about his sleeping habits for the next few months and don't want him to lose sleep just because I have extra mucus production.  He has earplugs and an herbal sleep tincture I made him (which he never remembers to take before bed), but I feel there has got to be a way to get me to stop.


Any one out there have any snore stop advice?  I am going to cut out dairy for a little while, just to see if that helps cut back on the mucus (I'm not even really congested, it just seems to creep up on me late at night).  But is there anything else you've found that helps?  Do those snore strips you put on your nose work?  Anything!  I'm scared it's going to start hindering with my own sleep soon.


Thanks ladies!  Even if you don't have any advice and can just sympathize a little with me.  I'm not the only one, right? innocent.gif

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I have a more stuffed up nose. I don't know if I'm snoring, but I wouldn't be surprised. I have slept separate from my husband for years because I'm a light sleeper and he snores and moves around a lot in his sleep. He's not terribly fond of it, but it's either that or I don't sleep hardly at all. It's awful. So, we do what we have to. It's only since I had my first child that I've become THIS light of a sleeper, but oh well. Worst case scenerio with your DP you could try sleeping separate at least while you are pregnant. 


I think breath right strips may help, but I don't know if it'll really stop the snoring. 

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I saw some of those breathing strips at the dollar tree. Worth a try I guess. I only tried them when I had a bad cold, but it hurt to blow my nose. Don't get paranoid over Your sleeping or you'll both be a mess. Get your sleep while you can. Relax.
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I don't know if I am snoring, but I have been super congested. I find relief from using a bedside humidifier and a saline nasal spray (non medicated). Sometimes I'll even dab a bit of vicks vapor rub under my nose.  There were a few days when I was really really miserable and I took Claritan D, but I only turn to that if I am truly desperate.


Sometimes I do what Dayiscoming does and sleep separate from my partner if I need to be certain of a good night's rest (he has a tendency to kick in his sleep).


Whatever you try, nasal strips or whatnot,  I hope you find a combination that works for you so that you can both rest easy!

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