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When did you start showing with #2?

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I didn't show for a long time with my first because I'm very tall. I think I said in the other thread I didn't start wearing maternity clothes until like 4 to 4.5 months. And even then I wasn't showing very much. Everyone told me how I didn't look that big for how far along I was, and then I ended up having a huge baby anyway.

But with the second, it's like my body was ready and got comfortable pretty quickly. My pants anyway got too tight really early. I did the rubber band trick on them but that only works so well for so long.

How about you, and how did it compare to #1?
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I showed earlier with #2 and even earlier than that with #3 ( startedabump at 9 weeks!). Part of it is bloating but it does seem like our bodies "remember" all too quickly!

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I'm exactly the same. With my first pregnancy, I didn't show for ages, but this time it was very obvious I was pregnant before 8 weeks! I'll be 12 weeks on Wednesday and I look more like I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Getting hold of my old maternity clothes was the biggest relief ever over the weekend. I could not handle wearing jeans any more, even with the hair band for extra space!

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I just had a look at my photos. At 10 weeks there was a slight thickening around my middle but probably only I would have noticed it IRL. By 14 weeks it was more pronounced and by 18 weeks it was definitely a bump.

I can't remember what I wAs like with number one and I didn't take belly photos :-( I have a photo of me on a weekend away at about 18 weeks and you can clearly see that I'm pregnant so maybe similar shrug.gif
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I was able to hide it at work (winter clothes helped!) until the 11 week mark which is after we say them (twins!) on the ultrasound (I like to wait for HB or ultrasound before sharing with anyone but close family), but I was showing before then and I know our admin at work was starting to suspect ~8-9 weeks smile.gif First pregnancy I didn't show until 18 weeks or so and even then it was "Is she pregnant or fat?" kind of showing eyesroll.gif
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Good lord, I swear it was the day after I peed on the stick this time...oy.


Someone guessed I was five months along last week.  Um no, just shy of 14 weeks...

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Haha, me too! My MIL suspected at Christmas (when I got the positive), because I just immediately ballooned! And I've been massive ever since.

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This thread is giving me so much comfort. I have probably gained ten pounds in a week since I got the positive test! I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I know a lot of it is bloat but still! I am already looking at maternity clothes!
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