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Have now made the following for the freezer:

- taco meat
- chicken stir fry
- raw chicken breasts in marinade for grilling
- bbq pulled pork

How many meals would you ladies recommend freezing? 10? More? We have a chest freezer, so space isn't an issue here.
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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

I have made one freezer meal so far- tater tot casserole.

I need to stock up on glass casserole dishes to freeze things in!


You can get the "disposable" aluminum ones too, just be sure to not load them up to heavy AND/OR to freeze them on a cookie sheet till they're solid so they don't wobble on you.  You can also freeze things where the shape when frozen doesn't matter into plastic bags or containers that you thaw and then cook (e.g., quiche, soup, crock pot meals).

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We have THREE FREEZERS!  There's our regular freezer, the freezer in our old stand-up fridge model now dwelling in the basement which is somewhat unreliable and therefore only houses breads/flours/veggies/fruits, and a 3x3x3 cube chest freezer that was already here when we bought the house.  We're into "whole foods" and local and organics as much as possible so I'm sort of nuts about what we eat and I know I do not personally want to stock up at the grocery store or rely on take-out (besides that we can't afford to rely on take-out).  In the freezer are about 20 lbs worth of packages of various meats from our local farmers as well as some sausage DH and I made in the fall (love our FoodSaver!), several random sized containers of homemade stock, a few produce holdovers from last summer and fall (corn off the cob, bell pepper strips, sugar pumpkin puree, shredded zucchini, think that's about it), about a half dozen pint jars of pesto, a gallon or two of marinara sauce, etc.



-4 or 5 different batches of soup

-1 quiche (LOVE THIS - put the ingredients together in a freezer bag and then just thaw it and dump it into a dish to bake - no crust necessary)

-2 meatloaves

-large batch meatballs

-2 eggplant parmesans

-2 lasagnas

-2 crockpot BBQ chicken recipes

-2 crockpot cranberry ginger pork roasts

-2 crockpot chicken curry recipes

-2 crockpot orange beef stews

-2 crockpot goulash recipes

-a dozen baking powder biscuits

-3 portions of pizza dough

-1 black bean and quinoa stew

-??? surely I'm forgetting something ???


Want to Make:

-muffins/quick breads/healthy cookies with supposed-galactagogue-type ingredients!

-granola (we're running low in the pantry)

-trail mix


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Cady, that sounds AWESOME! 

I have not made everything on my original plan but I am pretty happy with what I have stowed away.  I have some stuffed peppers, chili, spaghetti sauce, marinated chicken thighs, chicken soup, burger patties,  garbanzo beans, granola bars, rice.  A sweet friend made us some stew.  I froze packets of fruit and carrot juice to dump in the blender for smoothies.  I want to make a few gluten free pizza crusts and muffins to have ready in the freezer too but we'll see. 

I am thinking that I really like the idea of just pre-marinating most of my meat and getting things started to make dinners easier anyhow.  I would LOVE to get in the habit of doing that more and just doubling things that freeze well.  We eat whole foods and have food allergies and I end up feeling like I am in the kitchen/cleaning up the kitchen more than I would like.  So I am hoping I can be a little more organized going forward and do more of this in general.

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We finally got our butts in gear this past weekend and stocked up! Saturday was farmer's market and 4 - count 'em different grocery stores (some trying to find organics of the meats/veg/dairy and some trying to find American products my recipes called for!). Then we cooked all day Sunday. We have 9 meals tucked away now:


-black bean soup

-black bean sweet potato quinoa chili


-wild rice burgers

-black bean burritos

-breakfast burritos


-dal palak

-sloppy joes


My little freezer is about maxed out - I think I will do a little baking, muffins and oatmeal bars and the like, to tuck in all the corners, but I don't think we can fit more meals!


I have definitely never cooked in bulk like that before, and while I was exhausted by the end of the day Sunday, I think we might do something like this every few months in the future. It's going to be so nice to just pop something out of the freezer and into the microwave!

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