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Weekly Chat Feb 17-23

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Oops, I see the last chat "expired" yesterday and I just posted, my bad.


Here's to a GREAT week lurk.gif.

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Thanks for the new thread, scruffy!!! :D  

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Scruffy, my hips have been killing me for almost 2 months now - yikes! I hope you find some good relief because I know how horrible it can be!


We did a HUGE stockpiling trip to Trader Joe's today - filled TWO grocery carts! Now the challenge is to keep from eating all these more convenient food choices, or at least to ration them out, so that some is left for after the baby arrives!


And yesterday we had our homebirth homevisit (37 weeks). It's so exciting to be getting so close now! DD's sibling doula was able to come to play with DD during the appointment, so it was nice to see the whole "team" in place and running smoothly thumb.gif

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Lightforest, that's great! We haven't made the stockpile trip yet although we will probably do it next weekend. Honestly, my normally super prepared self has been really lax this pregnancy. We're not even 100% ready for baby!

Scruffy, my hips have been killing me for months too but somedays are worse than others. :/ Lately there have mostly been worse days but I'm trying to power through my last 13 days of work. I'll only have to work about 7 of those days to the tune of 30ish hours. Financially, I really need to work up until my surgery date but my want to have some time to rest and relax before baby arrives is pretty much won.
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The other pregnant gal in my office has been in horrible pain for months, too.  Last week I was joking with her, saying that it must be contagious because I was starting to feel it.  But I really can't complain - while it was fairly uncomfortable for a couple hours last night, I was fine once I was asleep and today I feel better.  And I know that so many of you have been struggling with hip pain for months, so I consider myself very lucky.

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So I decided I need to carry a hidden tape recorder around with me everywhere I go to capture the ridiculous things people say around me.  People just don't know how to act around pregnant women!  It's kinda hilarious, but by now, I just don't always have the patience to be as gracious as I should be with them!


At work today, a physician (that I had never met in person before) walked into my nursery and poked me in the belly and asked "are you sneaking one of the babies home with you?"


The nursing supervisor rubbed my sides with both her hands (while I was on the phone with a doctor!) and said "you can't even tell you are pregnant from the back" and then when I hung up the phone she said "I've never seen a bigger belly before" and "but you didn't gain anything in your boobs!"  Ugh... so unprofessional.  Way to totally creep me out.  


A nurse practitioner said "hahahahha, wow, you are all belly.. you need to get a bigger sweater!  It's about to pop right off of you!"  


Another nurse yelled down the hall after me:  "Waddle Waddle!" as I was walking down the hall.  


And at church today, I got all the standard: "are you sure there's only one in there?" "You look ready to pop" "You must be due very soon!" "your belly is HUGE!" etc. etc.


Anyone else want to share bizarre comments?  I know it can't just be me!  

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Hi Ladies...


It's been a very hard and long week for me. Sorry I've been MIA. My Aunt died on Wednesday, and DP's cousin was in the hospital for a stroke (that they could not figure out the reasoning of), and then Friday I found out that a good friends sister (who has been morbidly obese for years) is in the ICU on a ventilator and had a DNR... So needless to say, hospitals and death has been all around me all week. I went to the funeral yesterday for my aunt, I was blown away by all of the family that came, it is always unfortunate to see so many family members under such rotten conditions, yet it was really nice too. Saturday night there was a huge gathering at another aunts house (my dad has 8 siblings, so threes a ton of relatives) and it was really great to see so many of them. 


I had my home visit with the midwives on Friday. DP was able to sneak out of work early so he could be here. Everything went perfectly, I am cleared for birth! We pick up the birthing tub on Wednesday, and I think at that point I will feel like it's okay to have this baby. Although, I still want her to hang on until March, I just don't feel that's going to happen. I also found out on Friday that I am GBS positive, not something I was prepared for since I was always neg with the boys. The midwife and I talked about it for awhile, and I had been doing a fair amount of research, so I had a pretty good idea of what my risks were. We decided to do nothing unless my water is broken for more than 18 hours, at that point we will do the vaginal rinse. I am not a fan of antibiotics at all and pretty much avoid them at all costs. We also are putting me on a pretty heavy regiment of probiotics, cranberry capsules, garlic, and vit C with Echinacea. She feels with this holistic approach I will most likely become neg by the time baby comes. But if my water is broken for more than 18 hours we will still do a vaginal rinse, just to be safe. 


I saw that a few of you are just getting the hip pain. I have also been lucky, and it just started for me as well last week. I feel the spreading of my pelvis, I remember this clearly with my last pregnancy and immediately knew that baby was getting her head into position. Not a bad thing! 

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Accidentally posted this in the old thread so I am pasting it here. 



It is good to read up on what's happening with people. 


Babytoes, congrats on being cleared for birth! I am not sure about what I'm feeling. Sometimes I feel "birthy" like you said and this baby really puts pressure on nerves around my cervix which sends jolts of shocking pain through me and sometimes it feels like he's dropped but I am not sure if his head CAN engage since he is usually in a ROP position and I think I read somewhere that the head doesn't engage in that position so that the baby can rotate during labor. IDK though. I walk around holding my belly up because it is so low. 


Vegan, Just reading your post about the contractions and sensations makes me excited. I am getting normal/strongish BH with some crampiness mixed in but nothing "progressive". Your situation sounds promising to me. I read somewhere that many times subsequent pregnancies have a higher incidence of prodromal labor. Maybe I am jinxing myself to a 42 week pregnancy because I want this baby to come early so badly. 


I had to sit in a car for 4 hours on Friday and 4 hours last night. And guess what? Baby was LOT position while in the car. I thought it was funny that he got into a better position while I was sitting in a "bad" position for so long.  This morning he was back to ROP but just now flipped to LOP so this could keep happening til labor...I am trying not to put too much thought into it.


I gave my graduating presentation (45 min) and it went REALLY well. I am so relived and happy. I am totally done. Phew. It feels great to have accomplished so much. Now on to waiting for baby and writing a book. 

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babytoes - so sorry to hear about your aunt and others who are in the hospital. I hope you are able to find some peace this week. But congrats on being cleared for the HB. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing you are good to go.


I've also started having increased hip pain, but usually only after overdoing it. Like standing for a few hours during my baby shower this weekend. I was super sore after that. But more than hip is the pubic pain. I seriously don't remember this from DS's pregnancy. It's almost constant now and I really have to be careful how I move myself around. I've also been dealing with almost constant cramping (period-like) for about 3 days now. Last night it got to a point where I finally decided that I was contracting a bit, but it was unlike any contractions I'd felt with DS. I could also feel (both internally & with my hand on my stomach) this LO moving herself down in my pelvis and pushing against my cervix. So, who knows what's going on. My gut tells me that I won't have her for at least a few more weeks, but we'll see. I basically told her last night that she was free to come anytime now. We were ready for her whenever she decided it was her time to be born. I feel better and ready now for whatever happens -- whether it be today or 3 weeks from now. 


I'm hoping to get my final errands done this week. DS woke up under the weather, but seems to have made a recovery, so maybe we'll get started today. Hope everyone is well.

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babytoes, so sorry to hear about all your family. I feel like being pregnant makes the birth-death cycle seem particularly stark. Hugs to you, and remember to take care of yourself amidst everything.


writermama, good for you for being totally finished! What an accomplishment!


Chapsie, those comments (and groping, yikes!) put my experiences into a whole different light. I don't think I could be gracious under those circumstances either! My husband's grandmother (at 98 years old) is somehow now convinced that we're going to have triplets. That's the most ridiculous thing going on at the moment.


Get to go pick up my husband shortly from the airport. He's been gone since Thursday morning, and I will be happy to have him back! love.gif

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lol @ Chapsie. Minus the poke in the belly, I actually think the comment about trying to smuggle one home was pretty cute. I think people get so excited that they forget their manners when it comes to relating with a pregnant woman over her pregnancy.


Wow, babytoes, my condolences. I hope things start to look up for your friends and family soon. That's a lot to deal with in such a short time.


I, too, have been feeling a little crampy, which is weird to me, since I never experienced it with my first, who was delivered the day before her due date, and because this one is also breech and definitely not engaged, yet. I didn't really feel many BH with my first either, though, and I've been having them for a few months, already, with this one. I suppose the body knows what it is doing, right? I wish it all meant something positive, though, instead of just "well, maybe some time in the next six weeks..." which is going to happen, anyway, with or without the "signs." ;)

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Chapsie – I can’t believe your supervisor did that to you! Unprofessional to say the least. You think people would be more sensitive where you work. L


Babytoes – Sorry to hear about your losses. Glad you were able to take comfort in so many family members being there. When my grandfather passed last fall, I found that my pregnant belly seemed to put a smile on the faces of others. Something about the continuing of life in the face of death, I think. I bet you brought a similar light to others as well.


Writermama – Congrats on graduating!


AFM – at our house we have something called Podiums and DNF’s (Did Not Finish) since my husband is a competitive (amateur) cyclist. My Podium today is that I met with my sub and got most of my plans explained. My DNF is that dh took ds (who is almost 4) to the doctor today because ds had some irritation around his foreskin. We’ve tried to get him to pull it back in the bath, going potty, etc. But he never pulls it back very far and always has to be prompted. The doc pulled it back all the way, which was really painful for ds, but then the foreskin got stuck behind the glans which was really excruciating for ds. When I got home, ds was screaming in the bathtub refusing to sit in the bath dh had drawn for him to get the skin to relax. I finally got in with him and we watched Dinosaur Train on a laptop on the counter for an hour. The swelling went down, but not all the way. Both my husband and I tried to manipulate the skin to get it to come down before and after the bath, but it didn’t work. So we gave him ibuprofen and put some frozen corn on it. After the bath he really didn’t seem to be in pain (except when we were trying to fix his foreskin- then he was screaming bloody murder), so we let him run around in one of dh’s T-shirts with no underpants. He ate dinner, peed, pooped, and seemed totally normal except for his penis which hurts if something touches the glans. So, tomorrow, if the foreskin isn’t back to normal, dh is taking him back to the doc to do whatever he can to fix it. My poor baby. Holding him down while we tried to help him was one of the most nauseating things I’ve ever had to do. I just wanted to cry with him. While he was screaming, I could feel his sister kicking inside me, and I felt so guilty for all the time I’ve spent daydreaming and wishing for her instead of cherishing my sweet baby boy. I just wish his penis was better so I could hold him on my lap. I’m starting to understand this feeling of being torn between the needs of my children. This is not something I imagined for myself before, although it’s not like I haven’t seen it with other people who have children. I just never anticipated it, I guess. So, a rough day. Oh, and to top it off, DH is leaving tomorrow night for work in a neighboring state and won’t be back for three days! Now I have to deal with the penis issue on my own, and this is pretty difficult since I haven’t been able to meet/ talk with the doctor. Plus there’s the whole “Gee-I-really-hope-I-don’t-go-into-labor-when-I-can’t-get-a-hold-of-DH” thing.

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I had a strong contraction while reading the latest updates, the strongest one so far this pregnancy. Reading about everyone feeling more "birthy" while having a contraction makes me smile. I am actually looking forward to birth although the intensity of it scares me a bit...i really want to meet this little guy face to face though.

Chocolatechip--thats hilarious that your husband's grandma thinks you're having triplets. It sounds like the lights might be on but nobody's home! Lol sorry, bad joke, couldnt help myself.

I watched Breaking Dawn part 2 tonight of the Twilight series. I was surprised how much i liked the movies, i just got into them a few months ago and now i've seen all of them. I like the emotional depth and the character development, so even though the way they portrayed vampires was kind of cheesy, overall its a well done story. Also, i discovered that the little sister of an old childhood friend of mine got a small role in this last movie, which is really cool. She's been trying to make it as an actress for awhile now but shes only gotten roles in commercials (the last i heard anyway). So this is definitely a step up for her!

Babytoes, i am very sorry for all the tragedy in your and your family's life lately. I wish you all comfort and hope during the grieving period.
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Sunshine - I always feel silly, I really like Twilight also... This summer I went to see the movie by myself... winky.gif


Chapsie -  I can't believe you've had those sorts of comments.  Maybe it's the dirty looks I send people, but I don't get very many unsolicited things.  The last comment was from a friend/co-worker who said "You're going to pop any day!" That was at 33 weeks...


Babytoes- sorry about your difficulties this week.  Hopefully things will start to look up now!


Congrats everyone on their "clearance" for birth and too bad about the hip pain.


I haven't had too many complaints - I have been having strong menstrual-type pains off and on since Friday but of course they've stopped now.  I'm 38 weeks on Thursday but it looks like I still have a couple more to go.  DS told me yesterday that we had 2 weeks left and then his baby sister would be here.  He's really getting into the passage of time and always asks how many days/weeks we have until some event happens.


I had my first OB appointment last week and I'm hoping to meet the other 2 doctors in the practice before the baby comes so that my bases are covered and that one of the three of them will be there. I also finalized my birth plan with my doula, so just going to get a few last things taken care of at home - my nesting instinct is in full gear now!

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Vent alert! I'm getting to the done point. I was up most the night with these darn period-like cramps that were really intense. I didn't have this with DS. I was lying there most of the night (between being woken up and kept awake) wishing that they would turn into actual contractions so I could handle them better. So I ended up with about 3 hours of sleep and the darn cramps are still there this morning. I put a belly band on to try to support the baby a little more, but it's not helping. I am just over these cramps and need a little break so I can get some things done today. I was stuck inside yesterday because DS wasn't feeling well (he ended up in bed with me last night too) and I'm starting to think that maybe this little girl is going to come earlier than I originally thought. Now I have to take DS to tumbling and my mood is just plain crappy. Hopefully I can pull it together before I get there and be pleasant. Then I'm crossing my fingers that DS can handle a few errands before we head home. Hopefully I'll get a good nap in that will change my perspective on all of this, but for now I am just done. Done, done, done!!! 


Thanks for letting me vent. I hope you all are off to a better start this morning. 

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Sorry to hear about the comments that aren't appreciated. I had one lady at church talk about looking forward to passing the baby around for everyone to hold and that about set me into a panic. My youngest was a sick baby and I have no intention of passing a newborn around our entire church to risk that. Especially with this norovirus, or whatever it is, going around town. I may have to figure out that moby wrap on day one or skip church until Easter. 


We managed to get the treadmill out of the bedroom. It appears to have died, which I'm not sure if I'm sad about it no longer being usable. We've had it for 12 years and I really only used it heavy in the first 5 years of it's life when I was training for triathlons and 5ks. We were going to give it to MIL who wanted to use it to walk, but now it won't even turn on. It's getting power to the control, but that's as far as we trouble shot it. Being the geeky engineer type, I want to at least try to find out what is broken on it before we take it to the dump, but the other part of me is REALLY enjoying the space in my bedroom. I keep imagining a chair for reading in there. We put the birth tub where the treadmill used to be. It's really in a nice spot, in front of the sliding glass door which will allow easy draining and some nice natural light if baby is born during the day. I can look at the mountains out our window, if I want (I don't see that happening since I tend to labor with my eyes shut the entire time).


Also, my nesting phase seems to involve my home office, which makes ABSOLUTELY no sense considering I am about to go on maternity leave. I purchased a new desk, I've been trying to find one I like for years. The one I had wanted when we first moved here was way too much to justify, so I've been using my dad's old desk for the 4+ years that isn't designed for computer use . I think it took the pregnancy to figure out how bad this desk was on my back and shoulders. Pete suggested that I wait until after baby to put it together and I started crying. NO idea why, because logically it makes sense to put the desk together and worry about the rest of the house, but I just wanted it done, like I'm leaving it ready to go back to work. How silly is that?


I don't have all my birth supplies and every time I bring it up to Pete, he doesn't quite listen, but he's really working hard to get the house ready. He spent the entire weekend emptying our bedroom. He even cleaned off my nightstand and loaded up the recycle to take today. 


Lightforest: Yay on the home visit! I'm glad it went smoothly. :)
Chapsie: My surprising bizarre comments have been from the ladies at church who JUST now figured out I was pregnant. I've felt pregnant the entire time, but apparently, I didn't look it until 37 weeks?

GranolaMama: I need to stock pile, too! I think I'm also a little more relaxed on the planning than I was in the past for this 3rd baby.

babytoes: I am sorry for your losses. This has been a tough week. I'm thinking of you.

Writermama: Congratulations on your graduation presentation. What a wonderful time to finish that milestone.

MaydayMom: Take it easy and don't overdo it. Of course, this is the pot calling the kettle black. :)

Chocolatechip: I would have been happy to see hubby after that long, too! Hope you both had a nice weekend together.

ClumsySugarPlum: Poor baby! I don't think the doctor should have fully retracted it unless the infection was really bad. I hope it gets better for him, poor guy. My son is also intact and we have him pull it back himself in the bath, but only before there is any soap. I try to limit the soap exposure and that helps limit any irritation.  
I'm sorry you're feeling torn, and the rough day. 

Wildmansmom: Hope you like all the doctors and glad to hear things are going smoothly for you.

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Originally Posted by Melany View Post

 I had one lady at church talk about looking forward to passing the baby around for everyone to hold and that about set me into a panic. My youngest was a sick baby and I have no intention of passing a newborn around our entire church to risk that. Especially with this norovirus, or whatever it is, going around town. I may have to figure out that moby wrap on day one or skip church until Easter. 



Yes, definitely wearing the baby will help!  No one can pass the baby around if he/she is snuggled close against your body in a wrap!!  With DD, I used one of those "bug and sun" covers that fits over the infant car seat, too, so that in the rare occasion she was in the car seat, people couldn't touch her.  


When my son was a baby, I went to a grocery store with him and was changing his diaper in the restroom.  A store employee came our of her bathroom stall after using the restroom, and came straight over to us before washing her hands.  She said he was "so cute" and then touched him on the nose with her dirty hands!  irked.gif  I'm not normally a germaphobe, but that was disgusting, and I've always been a bit paranoid about my babies and strangers touching them after that!  

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Chapsie - OMG! I would be livid! I wish DP would touch my belly more but thankfully only one of my co workers does it and I haven't been working a lot lately. I really think people just don't know how to behave towards pregnant women so they go go default behaviors that are just not cool.

Babytoes, I'm so sorry for your losses and fir everything you're going through. Big hugs mama. Boo on positive GBS but I am happy to hear you were able go fond something comfortable for you on how to handle it. I just had my test done so I imagine I will find out my results at tomorrow's appointment.

Writermama, that is utterly fabulous!! Contests on your presentation going so well!!! GL kn the book!

MayDayMom, I hope your DS is feeling better! I feel ya on the crummy sleep last night was horrid! I hope you feel well enough to get your errands done!!

ChocolateChip, YAY for picking up DH!!! The triplets comments are too funny.

CabbitDancer, oh gosh I know. I read prodromal labor is more common with subsequent children and it is driving me positively mad! I actually left work and missed my shift Sunday to go to the hospital for what I thought was the beginning of labor. I hope things ease up for you!!!

Clumsy, much love sugar. I hope you don't go into labor while DH is away. Hopefully your DS heals soon!!

Sunshine, I am not a Twilight fan myself but it is cool you were able to watch the movie and enjoy yourself. I will admit I am still terrified of labor but am anxious to meet my little man, too!

Wild, whohoo for nesting!! GL meeting the other OBs!
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Melany - I'm dreading the 'passing' like no other.  DP isn't quite as on board as I am with the not passing the baby around thing and we've had numerous fights about it.  The one plus side to a section is that I won't feel like going anywhere for a few weeks and Oliver will need to nurse frequently so that circumvents that.  I'll mind less with people touching in my house where I know the cleanliness level and can have them wash their hands first.  Carriers were awesome for avoiding too much touching when DD was little!  I understand exactly how you feel on the desk.  DP keeps looking at me like I'm crazy because of the weird stuff I want done and DONE NOW.

Chapsie - GROSS!  JUST GROSS!!!!!!


AFM - I'm plugging along.  My last day before leave is the 28th and I should find out within the next day or two when my actually last day of work will be.  I left work Saturday morning and missed Sunday because I felt like I was in labor.  I went to the hospital after trying to get things to chill at home and it turns out I have a bladder infection.  Fun.  I was having contractions but not regular enough for labor so home I went.  A friend gifted us a bassinet which I was truly uncomfortable using and I finally convinced DP to let us return it.  We ordered the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper Bassinet and it should be here Monday afternoon.  I'm quite happy that I can pick it up and set it up all by myself.  Once that arrives we'll have the 'stuff' part done with everything set up and ready.  Assuming of course I get my butt on the cleaning this week.  My favorite diaper store ever made my day this week.  I've REALLY been wanting a JuJuBe BFF in Dreamy Diamonds (to the point my mother bought me all the accessories for Christmas) and I asked way back in August if they could possibly get it in for me.  It was limited edition and is now sold out everywhere and I was incredibly upset.  The store owner let me know that she had it set aside for me whenever I was ready and it should be here this week sometime!!!  My ex-DH and I started with some legal paperwork and got our tax return back.  In theory, we'll be divorced with clean slates mid-May.  Dp's divorce trial is set for the 5th unless I go into labor or his ex pulls another crazy continuance (which would not be unlike her).  DP and I took the 5 Languages of Love profile and it's helped us quite a bit.  We're communicating and functioning as a couple better now.  I'm glad I asked him to do it with me (and that he agreed) before we got anywhere close to 'bad', kwim?  His most important language is my least important and vice versa.  We pretty much already knew that but seeing it in black and white really made it hit home so we've both been trying harder to talk in each other's language rather than our own.  Baby Oliver is still breech but so far everything looks great.  I WILL PACK MY HOSPITAL BAGS WHEN I GET HOME FROM WORK TONIGHT!!!  Lol, I'm determined!!!  Supposedly, Thursday afternoon we're going to Sephora so I can try out some foundation from Tarte.  I'm really struggling finding a relatively natural foundation that works for me.  Friday we're supposed to go check out the co-op and stock up on groceries.  We'll probably go visit DP's parents one more time before baby comes after I get off work Saturday afternoon (or I may just send DP and DD).  Then it's lots of clean, nesting, packing, and prepping.  I truly just don't think Oliver is going to wait until his section date to show up!

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Granola - 5 languages of love is good.  Like you, my DP and I have opposite languages, but it really does help to see that in black and white and know that we're not crazy for not communicating effectively.  This pregnancy, I've forgotten that though, numerous times!  Thanks for the reminder.

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