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Thoughts on teachers' credentials?

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As I stated in the welcome thread, I am an educator working my way towards Waldorf certification. Just out of my own curiosity, how do you as parents feel about the educational backgrounds of Waldorf teachers?

If you got to choose, would you prefer a teacher who has both Waldorf AND State certification? Does it matter to you if your child's teacher has a degree in education?

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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My personal opinion: I don't care at all, what degree a teacher does or doesn't have, as long as he/she does a great job.


That might sound crazy...maybe even careless...but I have had so many good and bad experiences with teachers of all kinds of educational levels, that by now, a degree to me doesn't say anything at all anymore. Different universities teach in different ways, the things teachers learn are never all exactly the same, depending on where they learn and from whom.


I trust my own judgement much more. Sitting in in a main lesson and observing the teachers work says much more to me, than any degree on any wall ever could.

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I second enrooted.  The qualities I value in teachers aren't acquired through a teaching degree, or state certification.  


So far, we as a family have done public and Waldorf school.  My daughter did public until 5th grade, my boys have only done Waldorf.  Out of all those teachers we have had over the years, I can honestly say that it was the ones without degrees in education who were the best.  The three awesomest teachers I am thinking of, all were Waldorf certified -  two had graduated college with art degrees and one had no formal college education at all.  STELLAR teachers who restored my faith that schools can be good and wonderful, teachers engaged and caring.  


Enthusiasm, passion, altruism, good energy and a real love for children and a respect for childhood-  Those are most important to me.


I will add that I have worked open houses at our school and have seen prospective parents walk out when they learned that not all the teachers are 'certified' teachers, (having graduated with a degree in education).  So sad, because if they knew the heart and passion of these teachers, and saw what they brought to the kids and the classroom everyday, they would change their minds like that (SNAP!).  

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As an educator myself, I know and have known A LOT of state certified/licensed teachers. Many of them weren't worth much, so I would say that it doesn't matter. In the public school realm, I have learned that unless the teacher has a degree in birth-kindergarten education, they probably don't really know much about child development, family life, and the human being as a "whole" entity. Teacher education programs tend to focus on academics, and although curriculum is important for teachers (duh), it's not all that matters in education.


If the teacher is passionate, knowledgeable, and understands child development, that's what's important.

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Thanks for the thoughtful responses. I just want to add that I'm not asking for advice, but was merely curious about the expectations Waldorf parents hold about their children's teachers.

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