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Okay, I was DEFINITELY contracting in some way, shape or form this evening, for a little while (off and on for almost an hour).  I was helping DH organize the basement (after a half-hour walk up & down hills-- but NOT intentionally trying to start labor!) and just came to sit down at the computer and eat Ben & Jerry's, LOL.  Not really painful, but either STRONG BH or some other sort of contraction.  I know lots of you have had contractions here and there forever, and this is no big deal (surely just brought on by "overexertion," even though it didn't seem like all that much exertion-- it stopped when I sat down).  But maybe b/c I'm a FTM, this week is the first I've felt anything like this.  I mean, I've exerted myself much more during this pregnancy, including 10-hour stretches of walking and carrying things as recently as 10 days ago, and my body didn't have this reaction.  So, just clearly-- my body is changing in some sort of way.  Interesting!

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Interesting that you mention the dates - my midwives are eager for me to try them (eating 6 daily) because they recently read that study (linking date consumption to shorter labor). But they couldn't tell me WHY the dates might help to shorten labor (which annoyed me!). So far I haven't been able to stomach that many per day - I find them too candy-sweet to just eat out of hand.

I live in the Middle East where it's encouraged to eat a lot of dates during the ninth month but especially during labor (tradition has it that when Mary, Jesus' mother, was in the throes of labor, she was driven to the base of a date palm tree and the dates there gave her strength and nourishment for the delivery). So I asked my mw your same question and she said something about dates increasing or strengthening the hormone oxytocin and that it's more important to eat them during labor than before. I like to de-seed them and stuff them with a slice of butter and a few almonds or walnuts - yummier and lessens the sweetness factor.
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I was having some serious contractions last week and over the weekend.  I pulled something in my rib cage and I could barely move for several days.  It seemed the more I sat around the more contractions I had.  Now that I'm back to my normal activity level the contractions have stopped completely.  I haven't felt anything in about 48 hours.  I've even been walking at least a mile a day and carrying around my 35 lb 2yo.  I'm 38 weeks tomorrow so I know it can be any day, but now I'm thinking it's going to be at least 40 weeks (I was 41 weeks with DS).


But... that's ok.  I want a March baby and DD is still measuring a little small, so I would like her to fatten up (and the weather to warm up) a little before she gets here.

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MIssMuffet, The way you prepare dates sounds sooo DELICIOUS! I'm going to try it. 

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I was eating dates like they were going out of style over the holiday's. I didn't realize they were good for labor/deliver until a few days ago, but now that I know, I'm going to go get some. Six a day sounds good, and easy for me... I adore dates!


At my 39 week appointment yesterday (I'll officially be 39 on Friday) I told them about how the contractions where low and into my cervix. They both agreed that I most likely doing a lot of effacing at this point. Everyone is on edge waiting for me to go into labor, but I can tell you there is no way I am having this baby until after my boys go to their dads on Sunday. I do not feel good about her coming while they are here, not that it will be a huge ordeal or anything, just that they both have been stressing me out (albeit a LOT to do with my condition!!) a lot the last few days. I don't seem able to cope with the everyday, mundane, silly stuff that goes on with them for some reason, and I have been snapping at them both like crazy. 


Has anyone else been downing the RRL tea? I am about to make another big batch, I have a gallon container that I fill up and I finished it off last night. I've been drinking about three 16oz. mugs a day. But this last batch was pretty weak, so this time I am using way more tea!

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I'm not that big on dates, but butter and almonds in dates sounds delish!

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BabyToes: I've been drinking RRL tea - just one tea pot full each night that I let steep for a couple hours.  I haven't felt "birthy" (knock of wood) but I'm starting to like the sound of that word.  I hadn't heard anything about dates until reading this thread - interesting...  Are we talking raw dates, or preserved dates?


Buko - I'm a FTM, too, and find it interesting all the new things that are happening to my body this last month.  I went to lunch with a girlfriend yesterday, and we walked rather quickly the 4 blocks, and I had some pretty intense BH during lunch.  But so far my BH haven't caused any pain or discomfort, they're just there.

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So this is baby #3. Baby #1 came after arom at 40 w 5 d. Baby #2 came on his own at 40 w 1 d. Now I'm 36 w 3 d and this morning started having intermittent cramping with a lower back ache. Not increasing pain-wise or frequency, just hanging out there. Cramps every 5-10 min or so. Surely baby #3 will follow a similar pattern right? I have a few more weeks? I have a mw appt tomorrow so I think I'll have her check me to see where I stand. With my first 2 I dilated to 5 and 6 cm respectively before labor began so if I'm 5 cm or so I'll know to be ready!

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I haven't started the tea yet,  I did turn some into popsicles for the hospital but I had really intense contractions after drinking it last time, not sure I want a repeat!


I haven't heard about dates either, but these are all things I'll be trying if I get to 41 weeks.  I'm not in a hurry until then!


micah  - maybe you're just more aware of it this time?  I would think if you went 40 weeks with your first 2 your pattern would be the same, but every baby is different.

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I haven't started the tea yet,  I did turn some into popsicles for the hospital but I had really intense contractions after drinking it last time, not sure I want a repeat!


I haven't heard about dates either, but these are all things I'll be trying if I get to 41 weeks.  I'm not in a hurry until then!


micah  - maybe you're just more aware of it this time?  I would think if you went 40 weeks with your first 2 your pattern would be the same, but every baby is different.


I hope so, we just moved less than 2 weeks ago and my birth stuff isn't even all together..I don't even know where it all is!

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MissMuffet, that's interesting about the dates increasing oxytocin levels. I find them way too sweet to eat half a dozen of but I soak them with a handful of almonds, a handful of sunflower seeds and a heaped tbspn of cocoa to make a kind of raw food brownie.
Beautifulnm, I love Tagine and actually bought ingredients yesterday! Bromelain caps sound easier than 7 pineapple cores alright.

I think spicy food works by moving the bowels, which are in close proximity to the uterus, and which tend to be sluggish at the end of pregnancy in particular.

WildMansMom, I had the same experience when I reintroduced RRL after I went off it in early pregnancy. I just reduced the strength and built it back up over a few days. Labour Popsicles sound yummy. I hear large amounts of the tea are hard to stomach during labour so the advice is to down a strong brew on the way to your birth centre!

Buko, that is exciting! I had no contractions or Braxton Hicks at all before labour was induced on my last pregnancy so they're a new experience for me this time around. They definitely get stronger after exertion or with dehydration but I had strong contractions down into my bum last night with seemingly no contributory factors.
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Speaking of which, SlimP, I am pretty darned sure I'm having contractions right now (while I'm eating dates, LOL).  I did some very minor cleaning today, but no big deal.  Now, I still don't know if these are stronger BH or some other sort of contraction, but my MW should be here for my appointment in about 7 minutes, so I'll ask her what she thinks!  A lot of the pressure/discomfort seems to be in my hips, as well as my uterus, but not RL pain, I don't think...  I know I have heard tale of women having "hip labor," so maybe?

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Wow Buko, exciting!! Keep us posted x
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Yes, Buko, keep us posted!!  What great timing you have, what with your upcoming MW visit!

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Oh, LOL...  nothing, really, though like I said-- clearly "gearing up."  I did go ahead and time them since they felt "more real" and came every so often-- about 1-2 minutes, every 10 minutes or so-- but there were only 3 of them.  My MW also sort of treated them like "Cool, your body is definitely doing something!" but not like I'm in any sort of labor or necessarily close to it (though she did kinda hint that I could go "a couple more weeks" or "tomorrow," so it sounded like she thought it meant a little something for a FTM).  I am in a nice state of denial and am still thinking 2-3 more weeks (which would put me at 41-42w)-- just want Buky to wait until Dr. Mom gets here/DH has his immigration thing, which would be almost exactly 7 days from now (literally Dr. Mom's plane touches down within 5 minutes of this time next Thursday). 


I guess I have been trying to do the last little more-critical bits of baby prep over the last couple of days, "finishing" this weekend, since I am becoming aware that it really could possibly happen soon.  Like I got the basement organized, bedroom almost where I want it, etc., and this weekend I plan to do things like transfer my BlissBorn CDs to my iPhone, maybe do another pool test run (with the water heater turned up), spend the final ~hour on the bedroom set-up, make sure I'm 100% clear and turnkey on my website "shut down" procedures, figure out where to potentially set up the video camera, pack the just-in-case hospital transfer bag... and that's most of it, really.  Maybe 5 hours of stuff, max.  Not that I don't have plenty else "to do," but I wouldn't freak out if I went into labor after I got the above done.  I wouldn't freak out if I went into labor now, actually-- but I wouldn't feel as prepared. 

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Soooo, I am definitely feeling different today. I've been having some pretty strong irregular contractions with cramping and stomach aches mixed with weaker contractions every so often for the past 4 hours. They are beginning to fizzle out now, but had kind of peaked in intensity like an hour ago and made me consider this actually being early labor, but now I feel like this was just a pretty good practice session. My MW reminded me that I could have this happen a few times before the real thing, so I expected it. It is reassuring that it is starting now though. It also came with tingling breasts during contractions which felt like my milk was coming in, so THAT was cool and different, too. 


With DS2, a recall this happening a few times in the few weeks leading up to labor but I can't recall exactly how many weeks...maybe 2 or 3. I am 37.5 weeks now. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers that I don't go full weeks in between these start and stop pre-labor sessions and that it progresses quickly. 


Edit to add: BTW, anyone else feeling their breasts swell up and get really sore?

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Well, I woke up this morning to some very faint pink mucous when I wiped that has been on and off throughout the day. Also, I've had a lot of crampiness and a few mild contractions, but nothing that is progressing or anything. But, it makes me a little excited to know that my body is really gearing up -- even if it's still a week away. Regardless, I made sure to get the rest of my "must do" errands done today and am working through some other things that I wanted to get done. I'll just take it day by day now. It's just all so exciting!!

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The last few days, i keep waking up feeling exhausted and in an odd mental space--like my mind is trying to tune everything out that isnt essential. I also have been having stronger and more frequent contractions the last few days, although they are short and too spaced out to be labor. It makes me wonder, though, if the baby is coming sooner than i imagine (i was thinking it would be near the end of march). If things keep progressing then it definitely wont be that long before i meet him/her.
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I am totally not feeling birthy yet (due date at the very end of March), but I am loving hearing all the ways in which you all are feeling like your bodies are getting ready! Woohoo!

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Edit to add: BTW, anyone else feeling their breasts swell up and get really sore?


Yes! Me! Mine aren't too sore, but I definitely noticed last night and today that they feel heavier and fuller in the top half. When I took off my bra yesterday I felt that let-down sensation that I hadn't had since before ds weaned. Exciting! But, not good news if it means labor is impending. I have too much to get ready!

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