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Hoping you are feeling better, Writermama, your time must be near. Thinking of you.
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Wanting to feel birthy but not there yet...39 weeks today this is the longest I've been pregnant :) Doing what I can to enjoy this time we are really looking forward though to meeting this little guy.

Love reading the birth stories :)

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Thanks RGM, I am not feeling very well today. Achy stomach and really gassy although I have no idea what could be causing it. A friend came over today to visit and said she thinks this baby might show his face soon, so maybe it's that. 

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Writer, I've had an unhappy stomach this week too. It definitely can make things uncomfortable esp if you are still having frequent contractions! FWIW, I've found that warm water/lemon juice/honey helps a surprising amount if I do have real trapped gas.

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Hope your stomach feels better. Mine started being off on Sunday enough to where I thought that *it* might be time! Had ctx throughout the night Sunday and here I still am very much pregnant :)  My stomach has continued to be off this week....so I guess they are signs pointing to birthy...just not enough to declare anything.

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Thanks RGM, I am not feeling very well today. Achy stomach and really gassy although I have no idea what could be causing it. A friend came over today to visit and said she thinks this baby might show his face soon, so maybe it's that. 

Feeling the same way writermama!  I've been to the bathroom about 5 times today.  I hope this is it for you!


AFM, I was checked today and found to be 1cm and "thick"... whatever that means. So unless I go from 1 to 10 in 5 hours like I did with DS I don't think this is it for me...

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Well, it sure does seem like many of us might being having babies around the same time. I had my 40 week appt and I made a good amount of progress last week. Went from 1cm to 2 cm, soft, and went from long posterior cervix to 50% effaced and favorable. That is great news as last time I was 1 cm and long and hard at 41 weeks and it took two rounds of ripening gel (no pit) at 41+3 to get me going. My MW said she thinks I will be holding my baby in a few days time. I certainly hope so!!

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Yay, writermama!! joy.gif. That is great news! It definitely sounds like a lot of us are going to go into labor at the same time. I am excited!
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Just checking in real quick before bed - this is the first time I've felt birthy, but it seemed like a lot changed quickly. Been having mild contractions about 10 minutes apart for the last 8 hours or so. Baby dropped over the last couple days. Midwife says to page if anything changes, that this could turn into having the baby tonight, or could quiet down and be gone by morning. Just took a warm shower, and now off to try and sleep. :)


stillheart.gif to you all!

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Oh, 37 weeks 5 days today, so on the early side, but within my home birth window! smile.gif

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Yay, chocolatechip!! joy.gif. I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of ELVs!
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Wow chocolate, ELLVs mama!

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No baby! smile.gif But it did get just exciting enough to page my midwife again. Contractions shortened to 6 minutes apart for over an hour, and a little more intense, while I was trying to fall asleep. I think they also moved to cover more of my lower abdomen. I finally got up to eat again, and things slowed down enough I was able to fall asleep for the rest of the night (~2-8am). Today, so far, contractions seem occasional again, and milder again, but they *are* still happening, which is kind of interesting.


So, I guess we're just in wait-and-see mode now! It's amazing how fast everything changes!


The best part is, the night before, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, "You know, I'm planning on having another 2 weeks to get through these things I want to do before the baby comes, but there are no guarantees the baby will wait that long..." So either I was right, or this is a major wake-up call to just get those things DONE. smile.gif


Good luck to all the rest of you!

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Good luck, chocolatechip! We've had a few times like that - a few weeks ago I thought maybe my water was leaking and my husband was like "Sooo, probably time to finish packing that hospital bag, right?"


I have a curiosity question - for those who have experienced "Back labor", what did it feel like? I've had kind of 3 distinct "contraction in my back" sensations over the last few weeks that all feel a little different, but in the last week or two I have a new one and it is SO weird. A few times a day, I'll get a strong contraction that sends these bizarre pulsing feelings through my back - it starts in my lower back and sometimes it stays there but sometimes it goes all the way up my spine to my neck. It isn't PAIN exactly, or at least I'm not thinking of it that way (Hypnobabies training) but it's definitely uncomfortable and very, very strange. One of them actually woke me up this morning out of a pretty deep sleep. Anyway, I figure all of these different back labor sensations are due to my LO and her funny positions, but I was just curious if anyone else had every had a bizarre pulsing feeling in their back with contractions, because it doesn't feel like anything I've ever heard described before!

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Good luck and ELV's chocolatechip smile.gif
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So exciting C.Chip!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope you either get some rest or keep having contractions!  ELV to you if that's the route baby decides to take!! goodvibes.gif

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Water broke at 4 am....rhythm comes and goes....last birth baby was in arms 4hrs after water break...not this time..resting and waiting for ctx to pick up.
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Go Sara! Good labour vibes to you too.
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Yay Sara!! joy.gif. Sending lots of ELVs your way! I hope your contractions pick up soon smile.gif

Chocolatechip--it sounds like that might very well have been what the night of contractions was telling you--get everything done now because there are no guarantees when your baby will come wink1.gif. I keep feeling like it will be any day now, especially after the night i had recently with the intense back labor. It could still be a week or two away but my mind is ready for it any time. The day after that happened, i finished up the rest of the preparations for the baby just in case.
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Yay, Sara! ELV!
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