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Originally Posted by storygirlcindy View Post

Tear, that's your bloody show!!! That's a GREAT sign. Not everyone does, but most women have their babies within about 3 days of that.... you haven't had a cervical exam or sweep or sex in the last day or two have you? Those things can cause "false" bloody show from irritating your cervix. But otherwise, it's probably a very exciting sign. :)


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storygirl, none of those things! Exciting! Thanks eternalw for confirming! smile.gif I talked with my midwife and she said "It sounds like you're going to have a baby in the next 1-2 weeks." Lol, she has such a dry sense of humor.
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Lol - 1-2 weeks!! I think the "show" with blood usually means more like 1-2 days... that's what I keep waiting for! Good luck!

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For what it's worth- I passed slightly blood tinged mucous plug for almost a week-I think? But once I started moving what you are describing- the bloody show- little one was born 27 hours later.
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Ha! Good luck. A few women don't go into labor for more like 1-2 weeks (so I can see why your midwife said that) but if you do have a true "show" it is usually more like 1-3 days. Yay! :) (And, I'm TOTALLY jealous. I've gotten fake show twice now from a cervical exam, with really rather a lot of blood and mucus, but... no baby!)

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raingardenmama, how do you know the difference between blood tinged mucus and "bloody show"?
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

raingardenmama, how do you know the difference between blood tinged mucus and "bloody show"?
Bloody show is] blood tinge mucous! I guess it' s just a more poetic name!!
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

raingardenmama, how do you know the difference between blood tinged mucus and "bloody show"?
Oops double post! Stupid phone!
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I've been having mild contractions for about 6 hours (thinking they were BH). Had a little bloody mucous at 8 and pretty sure my water just broke at 10, so I guess that makes me birthy!

Ill update through sunshine!
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ELVs WMM! smile.gif
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Ooh, WMM, so exciting!!! ELVs!


And I am laughing at the poetic name... yes, as I understand it, blood tinged mucus is bloody show. Although actual bleeding (from what I've read) can be considered bloody show too, if your capillaries burst a lot while your cervix opens.

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Congrats and ELVs WMM!

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WMM's can't wait to read the good new! ELVs to you!
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I realized after posting that it didn't really make sense technically.
What was different is that I was much bloodier smile.gif
So in my own head I decided my first phase- mucous tinged slightly with blood was my mucous plug. Second phase was blood similar to a light period I guess and coincidentally was accompanied by early labor and I deemed bloody show.
I also had a crazy long early labor for a second time mom, more about that in my birth story, that I keep expecting to write itself! smile.gif
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Awesome, WMM! ELVs!



Does nausea mean anything? I've been pretty nauseous on and off all day. I've been having fairly regular contractions every evening for a couple hours for the last few days. Tonight they are a lot of more frequent and definitely stronger, but they still don't hurt. So I'm not sure if that really means anything. 

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Good luck WMM! Thinking of you.

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WMM, ELV!!! smile.gif

RainGardenMama, thanks for explaining. I think I had something in between the two but closer to your first experience. Time will tell! orngbiggrin.gif

Sami, My tummy has been off at times this week too. I was wondering if it means something too. I guess we know what my midwife would say. I feel a bit like I'm TTC again and analyzing all my symptoms, lol. I hope it means something for you!
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Yep. Upset tummy here too for the last week... very mild, but annoying none the less...

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Last night I started having contractions where just my cervix hurt, but nothing else. They calmed down when I went to bed, though. I don't think I'm going into labor today or anything, but I'm really starting to feel like it's going to happen this week. Maybe not. We'll see, I guess!

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I guess I feel "birthier" than ever.  I feel like baby is very low, when walking, the pressure is pretty strong downward.  I had a couple minutes of intense cramping last day, on either side of my pubic bone, that got much worse if I tried to walk (I was pouring tea at the time and tried to cross the kitchen to get honey and it didn't happen until the cramp/contraction was over.)  But then nothing else. 


Anyway, today is my "due" date, so I officially made it to 40 weeks (I always figured I would) and I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

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