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Allergen free multi-vitamin??

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I am hoping this is in the right area, if not please point me to where it needs to go. I have a 7 week old DS and he has food sensitivities so I am down to eating just meat, fruit and veggies. He has improved a lot since I cut out dairy, eggs, tree nuts and seeds, soy, gluten and all grains ( I eat primal so I don't eat grains or beans anyway). My problem is I thought I was doing so good and then 2 weeks into it I realized my multi vitamin has soy in it, so I stopped taking it and he was almost perfect, was pooping normal, not spitting up much, no acne or rashes. I talked to my midwife and she thought it would be OK because the soy in it is fermented and minimal, so I started taking it again and he started getting the rashes again and started pooping green again. I went to the health food store and I can not find one vitamin without all of those things in it, all of them have at least one. Anyone here have any ideas? I know for a fact that he has problems with dairy, nuts and seeds, and soy. The only thing I am not 100% sure he reacts to is eggs but I stopped eating them just because they might have been messing with him, once he gets back to normal I plan to try and eat eggs and see if they do in fact bother him.


But in the meantime I am worried about getting all the nutrition I need. I completely believe in the power of taking vitamins so I am pretty sad I can't find one to take right now. I am wondering if any mamas here have had to deal with this and what they did.  Are there any multi-vitamins out there that I can take that are allergen free? I do eat pretty good and clean but I can not afford organic or grass-fed meat so I eat as good as I can for the money we have. Thanks!

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Hello =)


I am severely allergic to peanuts, soy and some tree nuts and other legumes. I use Solgar brand vitamins and have taken them for the past ten years now. They are the most potent and effective, in my experience of trying soy-free vitamins.


Make sure you choose the Formula VM-75 in the VEGETABLE CAPSULES since those are the ones that are soy-free.


They also make tons of other vitamin supplements in single vitamin form in case you need extras of others (I like the Ester C and the B12 and B6) but definitely talk to your doctor first about which supplements you need during pregnancy!


I hope this helps!!

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Thank you! I had looked at this brand at my local health food store but they don't sell this kind. I will have to look into getting it though. I do take lots of extra ones though, magnesium, d3, calcium, msm, fish oils (although I am looking for a new one of those also due to mine having soy) and a greens supplement. Most people think I am crazy but I love taking vitamins!

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