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Birth Boot Camp

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I have been a doula in Houston for two years and I have also wanted to become a CBE. I've been stalking the various programs' websites the whole time and none jumped out as "the one" until Birth Boot Camp. Has anyone attended a training and/or started teaching? What do you think about the program?
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I'm a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and I can personally vouch for the in-depth thorough curriculum.  the instructor training sets you up for nothing less than success.  Its an intense 3 day workshop and covers every single one of the 10 classes plus marketing tips, etc.  anyway I could go on and on but if you'd like the answers to more specific questions just ask :)

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D1FLSJAFRw there is the instructor testimonial video

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Thank you! Do you have a website or FB page I can like? I would love to chat about it!
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I'm considering CBE and looking around.  This one does really look good, but the instructor requirement is that you have had natural births.  I haven't had a completely natural birth, so I wouldn't qualify.  :(  I get disappointed when organizations require that, a lot of us have learned a lot from our not so natural births that we want to pass on to others. 

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I've not attended the training, but have met the founder and several other BBC educators in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Some lovely, personable women!

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I'm so glad you posted this. I also want to go through training, but they won't have a Denver training until 2015. So, it will be nice to hear some reviews of the training while I wait. :)  I've heard great things about the training. One of the owners contacted me about the Denver training, so I was really impressed with that.

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I think one is supposed to come to Houston next year, so I will hopefully have enough money saved up by then.
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Does anyone know if Birth Boot Camp will be coming to Seattle this year?  I asked online at their site but haven't heard back yet. I like the reading list better than the Bradley list and it is much less expensive. 

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