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Chat Thread Feb 18 - 25

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A new week begins! I know we have a few babies on the way right now.

How is everyone doing?
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Not too bad. Buko is slowing down a tiny bit as s/he runs out of room (38w3d). Some slight changes-- cervical pressure, etc.-- but nothing major.

Feeling okay overall, just want Buks to wait another 10 days for my mom to get here and DH to finish his immigration hearing (just a technicality, but mandatory). I'm sure that will be no problem, and I am 100% prepared to wait another 3-4 weeks if necessary. In fact, 2-3 weeks would be just perfect.
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Tomorrow is my last day of 41 weeks, I have a NST/ultrasound some time tomorrow. Hoping everything like my fluid and placenta look great! My midwife is okay with me going over 42 weeks, as she would rather be there than us have an unassisted birth :) So that was reassuring to hear. I have lost a TINY bit of plug today. Otherwise, no changes. She hasn't been as active today compared to the two straight hours she practiced her ninja skills last night :) Hoping she comes in the next two days so I don't have to go into unfamiliar territory of over 42 weeks. I FEEL awesome, just mentally over ready!

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39 weeks on Wed. over here. Still feeling great--I'm ready for her t be here, but mostly because I'm excited and getting bored of waiting! BH not picking up really, but I'm not sure that's indicative of anything. At least, I hope not a bad sign!

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Contractions & bloody show have increased all day. I did my last big push of house-putting-together and feel pretty darn good about it. I'm camped out on the pull-out couch tonight so that 1) hubby can sleep undisturbed (perhaps for the last time!) and 2) so I'm closer to the bathroom. Feeling calm, happy, confident. Excited whether baby decides to come tomorrow or next week.

Best to all of you guys!! These weeks have been so exciting!
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So excited that a few of you will be having babies so soon!!!! I keep checking back!
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I'm 39 weeks 3 days now. I was pretty sure i'd be holding a baby by now. My prenatal massaage therapist today thought i'd have another week. Le sigh. Feeling pretty good though. Living vicariously through everyone who is laboring right now! What an exciting time.

As a side note, to anyone who has a nice birth pool all set up and ready to go. Keep your cats out! We had ours propped against the wall and woke up the other day to find him sleeping on top! Now we have a slow leak and I'm pretty sure i know why... Will need to replace this for my midwife at the end.
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40+3 here. Hoping this is the week for me! Running out of things to do around the house and really done with being pregnant!

Good luck sgsnyder! Hope this is it for you!
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week 1 with baby #4 was way easier than i expected - Week 2 is looking like it will live up to my expectations..yesterday was my first day with DH back at work and even with my mom taking a couple of the kids for half the day i got nothing done.. my breakfast sat on the counter until 2pm when i gave up and made myself lunch, Baby was fussy and cluster feeding all day (is there a 1 week growth spurt?) ending the day with 4 hours (8pm-12am) of awake fussy baby ..  hoping today is better for everyone ..  but so far Its 10am and i'm not dressed (currently wearing a milk-soaked night gown) , my other kids are running wild pretty much caring for themselves..  (my 6 yr old is helping my 2 yr old get dressed.. i think.. the 4 yr old, who knows) ..   and the weather people are forecasting an ice storm for tomorrow night/thursday with possible power outages..  that sound help round out week 2 ..

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Can't wait to see more babies and birth stories!!! :D


I am doing pretty well. Lydia slept through the night, other than nursing once. She nurses frequently during the day, and my nipples are a little sore, but that's ok. I'm hoping my milk will come in soon and it seems like it might be starting to. Right now my siblings have her and are playing pass the baby while I rest in bed. :) I am sore and have hemorrhoids from heck, but I can't complain! Just happy to have my sweet girl in my arms!

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After being sent home from the hospital after they said what I thought was leaking amniotic fluid was in fact not amniotic fluid I'm in some sort of strange twilight zone where it fees like we changed our minds and aren't actually having a baby after all.


Today I don't even really feel pregnant somehow (baby is still moving, not sure how my subconscious explains that).


I have a hilarious TMI backstory to the leaking amniotic fluid that I can't really tell anyone I know IRL. Remember a few weeks ago .. I think it was buko who was talking about "taking her medicine orally"? Well... I was doing that the other night when I felt what I thought was my water leaking out (in retrospect it was probably just due to circumstance, coupled with extra discharge common at this stage of pregnancy).


Of course first the nurse, then the resident, then the OB separately asked me, "And what were you doing when you felt your water break?" I just told them I was hanging out in the living room kneeling in front of the fire. The resident actually asked me if I generally hung out on my knees or if this was a new thing. I told them it was to help with baby positioning. DH was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

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Hahahaha...  akemi, yeah...  that makes sense.  Sheepish.gif

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Definitely in labor! Waters broke a little, slow leak; started antibiotics. 3cm dilated and 90% effaced. Going home to do castor oil (blech!!) and relax and eat, then I have to be @ the birthplace by 945.

Excited, happy, calm. DH, on the other hand, is totally freaking out. He can't relax! Any way I can help him?
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Good luck sgsnyder!

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Akemi, I love that little story - hilarious smile.gif

Sgsnyder - exciting! go mama!
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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama View Post

Good luck sgsnyder!

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I hope kellybeth is doing well, too.

Had my first taste today of feeling "done." I mean, not really, and I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, but... Just little bits of symptoms here and there-- a few BH/contractions (and that hesitance to do too much lest they continue-- not painful but uncomfy). Plus some lightning crotch, Continued minor to
Moderate pubic pain, edema and a fair bit of fatigue.

I've decided to think of this last bit like one of my marathons-- if I have 26.2 days left (26.2 miles in a marathon), that puts me at about 42w3d, and I PROBABLY won't have to do any more than that!
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I hope we hear from kellybeth soon too!

I am so done. My hips feel like they are going to fall apart. I just want to be able to walk normally again. Lol
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42 weeks tomorrow.. Had my NST/ ultrasound today and everything looked good, but said baby is measuring 39 weeks?!
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Originally Posted by buko View Post

Had my first taste today of feeling "done."


Me too. So ready all of a sudden...even though the construction project is still in full swing. Well, as full swing as it can be when the guys took an entire day off because it rained for about an hour this morning. Grrr.


But yay, sgsnyder! Go mama! Glad others are laboring and birthing and snuggling their babes, even if I'm not!

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