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Life in South Carolina?

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I hope some see this thread as I did not know where to post this. My husband, 2.5 year old DS and I live currently about 30 min outside Philadelphia. While this area has much to offer, we are looking for a change for many reasons. I am a nurse and was recruited by a hospital near Goose Creek,SC. We are very much a holistic family including homeschooling and I have done some research online and it seems to be a nice area. Can any mamas here comment to living near here and how life is for you?


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Hi, I live about 2 hours NW or where you'll be but when I moved to SC from MO I found everyone here to be very nice, friendly, helpful, and welcoming. There are also lots of more natural minded families than where I'm from and I enjoy hanging out with them. I plan on homeschooling when the time comes and that seems widely accepted. I'm sure there is a good community out there in Goose Creek as well. Plus you're right by the ocean...orngbiggrin.gif Sorry I'm not more help but maybe someone from that area will see this and comment.

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I'm in NC, not SC, but I think that area of SC close to Charleston would have more resources to offer a holistic homeschooling family than some other areas of SC. The Charleston area is lovely. I think the offer would definitely be worth considering. Plan a vacation to go check the area out. The city-data.com forums, while not natural family living oriented can offer a wealth of info for relocators. You might consider lurking there, too.

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Thanks. We currently drive about an hour to our pediatrician, who agrees not to vax. We also loved our midwife and for future children, would prefer a birth center or homebirth. That area of SC seems to have good resources, however this website I felt, would be a better evaluator, esp. from other holistic moms. 

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I agree, but I haven't ever seen a whole lot of posts from Charleston area Moms. You might do a search on this forum, though.

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You will have no trouble finding the community that you are looking for in any of the Charleston areas. Goose Creek is a nice family area and close enough to downtown Charleston. Be aware that it is warm and extremely humid the majority of the year.

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other than goose creek, theres a navy establishment there right?,  can anyone recomend some areas around charleston, green minded, fam friendly? 

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greenville area?

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Greenville is in the upstate. I live in Summerville which is about 10 mins from Goose Creek. It is a good area. If you are going to the hospital I think you are Summerville is a good option. There are several mom's groups on FB that are Natural minded on FB that you can check out. Charleston Green Moms is one. There is also a homeschooling meeting group on FB as well that plans field trips every Friday for homeschooling families.  The area is becoming greener minded but not perfect. Plenty of Chiropractor options and while you may have to hunt a little for some openly minded non-vax friendly Peds they are out there and not to far from Goose Creek/ Summerville area. Hope that helps some.

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thank you, it seems like, perhaps, greenville is a bit ...greener? i read some really great things recently. organic options, the only earth market in the country! :) 

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Im from Charleston. Lots of great stuff going on in that area! If you have any questions ask away :)  here are some links: https://www.facebook.com/charleston.southcarolina.9?fref=ts and here is an attachment parenting group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/152931781444531/?fref=ts

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Charleston is very family friendly. Its a laid back beach town. I was born and raised there for the most part. Sorry to post again but thought of more info that could be useful. There is a HB midwife in summerville and lots of doulas. The farmers market downtown is great. Also some great charter schools and a few Montessori schools. i have a few friends that homeschool. There is a Unschool group that meets thurs on Johns Island and they also have a summer camp https://www.facebook.com/growing.spirit.3?fref=ts   Also Park Circle in NC has some great stuff going on. They have a farmers market etc and some great restaurants and art walks etc http://perfectlyparkcircle.com/

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I've lived in the Charleston, SC area my whole life. There are great breastfeeding, homeschooling, babywearing groups, shopping, CSA options, homebirth midwives, doulas, one birth center, and lots to do as a family in the area.
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Brandy Brandfass is the midwife that served at the births of my youngest 2 children and she lives in Goose Creek.
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I have been finding lots of cool pages/groups on FB for charleston (besides the ones posted). this page has things to do in the area https://www.facebook.com/FingerprintCharleston?fref=ts So much going on in the area :)

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