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Mila is finally here!

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I was 11 days "overdue" on the morning of Monday, February 18, and was finally starting to begrudgingly realize that there was a real possibility that I would have to be induced, as I had an appointment to meet with an OB that afternoon where I knew that I would have to set a date. This crisis of faith in my body's ability to do what it was meant to without intervention shook me pretty badly and I spent the morning in a fit of sobs until I finally collected myself enough to leave the bedroom and eat breakfast. At 8:30am, I was sitting on the couch naked, wrapped in a blanket, when I started choking on the bran cereal I was eating, causing me to sputter and cough really hard...  until my water broke!


Even though I had not had any issues with incontinence throughout pregnancy, there was a brief moment where I thought that I may have peed myself, but it kept coming and I couldn't control it so I knew that this was it. I woke up DH and called the hospital where I was told to come in immediately to get checked out and get my first round of GBS antibiotics (because I had tested positive at 36 weeks). We got to the hospital at around 10 or 10:30am where I got a hep-lock put in extremely poorly on the side of my wrist so I requested that it get removed once I was finished with the meds so I could had mobility in my wrist. I was having only mild, mostly painless contractions up to that point and only when I went to the bathroom just before we headed home to labour for a few hours between medication rounds did I have the first seriously painful one (which was reassuring because I figured then that I wasn't going to need pitocin to get the party started). By the time we got home at 11:30ish, I was getting full-blown contractions and by the time we left for the hospital a second time at around 3:15 they were intense, 1-2 minutes long and less than a minute apart. When I came back to see the nurse to get the GBS meds a second time, she kept coming in to stick a new Hep Lock in, saw me in the middle of a contraction leaning against a table in the room unable to speak to her and kept saying "I'll come back between contractions" until she realized that wasn't going to be possible and DH had to be my voice in terms of perferred placement and arm (which he did very well).


I was checked (4cm) and sent up to labour and delivery where everything then went down. The contractions were essentially piling on top of each other really early on and by 6:30pm I knew that I wasn't going to be able to handle them for an unknown number of hours without getting some kind of break so I asked for the gas, which made all the freaking difference. Once I had that tube available to chew on and breath into, I was able to focus on my breath much better and centre myself in a really important way, not to mention taking the edge off the especially intense contractions. I spent most of labour leaning on the bed and swaying my hips until the last bit where I started to involuntarily bear down and make that primal moaning sound (you know the one) when I was leaning over the back of bed while crouching on my knees.


The nurse I had in delivery was absolutely fabulous and I honestly can't say enough amazing things about her. She was so supportive and really made a point to respect me, my choices, and kept an amazingly even tone the whole time. Her massage was seriously amazing as well. Poor DH kept trying to help out but I barked a couple of "just let her do it"s so he kept to rubbing my head or feet and helping me keep awareness on my breath.


Once I got to the pushing stage, I remember being so relieved to be able to do something that I honestly don't even remember it to be painful at all. It was definitely exhausting, but it was so nice to be proactive. I was able to push her out in only 40 minutes, but I remember the nurse excitedly complimenting me and saying things like "I can see this much of her head *showing me like a two inch diameter" and me saying "THAT'S IT?!" :)


Everything was going extremely well and her head was out but the air in the room suddenly changed and the nurses made the bed go way down and started grabbing my legs, urgently telling me to push hard and constantly. I was so delirious that I just did what I was told without being able to think about what might be happening, but when I felt her body come out they clamped the cord and whisked her over to the little bed straight away (in my birth plan I had specified skin-to-skin immediately and to wait for the cord to stop pulsing). I found out afterward and saw in the video DH took that she got her shoulders stuck on my pelvis and when she came out she was so stunned that she wasn't moving so my doctor wanted to make sure she was okay straight away. I absolutely understand her decision and love her for being so reasonable and making sure that I knew exactly what had gone down after everything was over.


I ended up with a mild third degree tear after everything, but I had to admit that the healing has been pretty smooth. I trust that I have some serious hemorrhoids, but I'm just keeping on the stool softeners and Tylenol to manage everything.


Mila Sivan was born at 10:05pm on February 18 - the last day of Aquarius - weighing 8lbs, 7oz. I'm extremely happy with her labour and delivery and have exactly zero regrets about anything that happened. I got compliments all over the place about how everything went and for not requesting any pain management medications or epidural (apparently only 11% of Canadian women give birth without an epidural - a statistic which I found to shocking).


Mila is unbelievable and perfect, even when she's being a little fusspot, and even the public health nurse commented on what a great nurser she is. I'm insanely lucky.




How perfect is this little face?!

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Omg so happy for you!! orngbiggrin.gif congrats and welcome to the world Mila.
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Awesome!  Woo hoo!  joy.gif

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Yay! Congrats smile.gif
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YAY!!! Congratulations, Mama!!!

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Congratulations! So happy for you! Rest up and enjoy your girl.

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Hurray Teles!! Welcome Mila. Canr wait to hear more..
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yay!! Congrats! Can't wait for pictures :)

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Congratulations!!!!! So glad she finally came :) 

Can't wait to hear all about it :) 

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YAY! Congrats!

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YAY!!!  February is turning out awesome!  so blessed to get to share these miracles with you amazing mamas!  welcome Mila!

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Yay Teles!!! So happy for you! Welcome baby Mila!
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Congrats, Teles! Can't wait to hear more. Enjoy that baby girl!
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You did it Teles! Yay for Mila!

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Congrats! Beautiful name too <3 it!
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Yay!  Congrats mama!

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Woohoo! Congrats Teles! That's great news.
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Congratulations, Teles, and welcome to the world, little Mila! Can't wait to see photos and read the birth story. joy.gif

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welcome little Mila!! Hope all is going well!

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Yay! Congratulations!

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