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Jude is here :)

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he was born 2/16 and weighed 10lbs 13 oz. (40wks1day) love.gif



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Oh, so cute!  Congratulations!  joy.gif

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Big guy! Congratulations!

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wow!  congrats!  he's adorable!

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Congratulations on your bug little guy!!
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hurray!  Welcome Jude.... He is just so cute!

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He's so sweet and big!! Congrats!! :D

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Congrats on your big boy! He's adorable!

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Congrats mama and welcome Jude!

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Aw, sweetie pie! Welcome, Jude, and congratulations, mama!

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welcome to the world Jude! Happy babymoon mama!!

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Congrats! smile.gif
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A big, healthy, beautiful boy! :)

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Congrats!!  Welcome baby Jude!

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Thanks everyone. We had to go to Nicu on Tuesday for jaundice ...we are still here. I have 3 other kids at home I miss like crazy.
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sorry about that!  NICU is a hard place to live!  blessings and peace and rest to you all!  i can't imagine being away from my bigger little ones!  

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So sorry to hear that. Hope your stay is short and the whole fam can be together again soon!

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Good luck with the jaundice. We are at home using a biliblanket for 20+ hours a day and nursing nonstop. Aram has been in the 16s for the last three days and I really hope today's test shows that he has peaked. I hope you can go home soon.

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We got to come home yesterday. He went in at 18.9 then got down to 10 with the lights and the blanket...went up to 12 off the lights 24 hours. Getting rechecked on Monday. Just glad to be home. Hope your little one gets a good number. Jude nursed a lot while there..
the monitor wires were an obstacle.
Mothering › Groups › February 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Jude is here :)