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Quick questions on late-term weight gain (or lack thereof)

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I am just over 37 weeks along, and have my regular appointment today. I weigh at home the morning of each appointment and report when I get there -- I guess for consistency's sake, they do it this way? -- and in one week since my last appointment, I have gained exactly ... zero pounds. Not even a half pound.


Let me be clear - I am eating like a horse! I am in no way under-eating or over-exercising. Impossible to do the latter, since I'm not exercising at all, LOL.


I have gained 14 lbs this pregnancy. I think the doctor has me at +16 (they took a really, really old "starting" weight from my chart, that's the difference in my calculations and theirs). She mentioned a few weeks back being concerned that I measured a little small and hadn't gained very much, but then I gained/grew by next appointment and she dropped it. I gained 17 and 18 with my two full-term singletons, so I am not a person who's likely to gain 35 this time unless something goes really wrong (pre-e, GD, etc.) And I measured "small" with both of those, too. So this fits my pattern, but I have a different provider this time than with those two since now I am "moderate risk" due to VBAC (twin pregnancy = C-section).


Other info: my cervix is "midline" (between posterior and anterior), soft, and 1-2cm dilated ; and baby's head is waaaaaayyyyy low already, like 2" inside vaginal opening (sorry if TMI). I think the midwife said +1 station last week/be ready for "fast and furious" once labor starts. Placenta is anterior, and I suspect the baby may be OP/posterior.


I am concerned that, when I get there today, my OB is going to start down the line of "placental insufficiency" or "IUGR" to push for an induction. I am a VBAC, and planning for an intervention-free vaginal birth this time, so I want to avoid like the plague anything that looks/sounds/smells like pitocin. Cervadil not an option with a VBAC anyway. Oh, and I am 40, so definitely "Advanced Maternal Age" in their books.




1. How big a deal is it to NOT gain weight from 36-37 weeks? Would you be concerned/should I be concerned?? Especially with my age?


2. If doctor starts talking about induction/concerns about placenta/baby etc., what should I request/do? The things that come to mind to do are (a) ultrasound for growth/blood flow to placenta; (b) non-stress test. However, what would either of those really tell us today? Will they make us less worried? Will she still be bugging me/"concerned" next week, too?


3. Should I report a +1 change in weight, e.g., lie and say I gained a pound since last week? that seems kind of self-defeating, though, and not my style. I mean, what if something really IS wrong with my placenta?? I would hate myself if I lied to escape something that I selfishly didn't want and then the baby had a bad outcome/issue as a result of my lie.


4. Anything else I should be thinking about?? I feel like what has been a relatively "zen" pregnancy is turning into a crazy stress-fest here at the end. I am worried that the baby is OP/posterior, and worried that I will have a miserable, long, painful labor as a result of that; and now, this whole "no weight gain" issue is worrying me... I think I need to chill out. Right??


TIA for any thoughts/feedback. My appointment is in 3 hours or so, so any quick thoughts very helpful so I calm down and don't have elevated BP (giving her another reason to induce me... sheesh).


(I obviously feel that the OB may want to push for an induction against my wishes here. She hasn't been the worst -- but I know she is very risk-averse and tends to over-react a bit versus what I think/want. Unfortunately, because I am a VBAC, I have no midwife options where we live -- nor a birth center option. Only choice is hospital birth w/ an OB. So I'm kind of stuck with her, don't want to annoy her/get her fired up against me. I guess I could just refuse whatever she wants to recommend, but not sure how that ends up in the end at the delivery??)

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I wouldn't worry about the weight gain, personally.  I leveled out a lot at the end and I think there was one week where I actually lost half a pound for some weird reason.  My doctor sort of gave me the stink eye but didn't say anything particular about it.  Many women don't gain much if any weight at the end, since your stomach is so smashed that it's hard to eat enough.  Especially since you have a history of measuring small and not gaining much, I wouldn't let it stress you.

It does sound a little like your relationship with your doctor is stressing you out.  I would go into your appointment with your weights from your last singleton pregnancies and your fundal measurements if you remember them written down so you can say "this is how I gain and I'm ok with it".  If she wants you to go in for a NST or something at 38 weeks or something, that's fine, but usually that's only recommended if you've been consistently measuring three weeks or more behind or haven't gained any weight in a while.  I wouldn't let her do or require anything based on one weeks' weight measurements.  So that might be a respectful way to balance the difference...  If you're still measuring behind or haven't gained weight by next week, she can schedule an NST or BPP.   

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I'm 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and I've been the same weight for the past TEN WEEKS!  But I'm measuring fine, and my belly is getting good sized.  I'm 43 years old, and I'm still running/walking in the mornings.  I also eat like a horse, work part time as a cleaning woman (so active work), and have no particular issues.  My MWs aren't concerned at all.  I'm not sure how much I've gained so far, since I never weigh myself and don't have a real starting weight, but I'd guess around twenty pounds?  This is my fifth pregnancy (after a gap of 12 years), and I think I gained around 25-35 with each of the other kids?  I'm definitely more active and started lighter than all but my first child, so who knows?  But anyway, I'm at a good weight for me otherwise, I've got muscle and I'm not super-thin or anything.  


Also, baby is moving like crazy, which is reassuring.  :P

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I always level off at the end.  Usually by the time I deliver, I'm down a few from my "peak" weight.  I would report the weight you have and not stress it.

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Not gaining over a week should not be a concern. How did it go?
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Update: all that worry for nothing!!! I reported accurate numbers and she didn't even mention it. My BP was slightlyelevated (for me ... not elevated in any other sense of the word) so I could tell that I was a little nervous, but she didn't mention that, either. So ... I need to chill out!!


3 cm/50% effaced/baby at 0 to +1 station... Looks to be a fast one, once it starts!


Thanks so much - all of you - for talking me off the ledge yesterday! I will be really glad when this baby is safely delivered so my anxiety about the whole scene can decline a bit...

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Glad to hear it!!
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