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Still breastfeeding

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I was wondering if any of you ladies are planning on breastfeeding through this pregnancy or plan to tandem nurse after the baby comes. I am still nursing my 18 month old son. He still nurses all the time and I am really nervous about what is going to happen once my milk changes. Anyone have experience with this?


Part of me really wants him to continue nursing through the pregnancy and then tandem nurse. He is eating solids regularly but for the most part I feel like he is truly not ready to wean yet and I really would like to make it to 24 months. My nipples have been kind of sensitive lately and sometimes I think it would be ok if he did self wean. That always makes me feel really bad though..


Just wanted to see if there are any other breastfeeding mamas here!

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I am currently breastfeeding my 25 month old and plan to continue until he decides to stop!


I was still nursing my first when I became pregnant with my second, and he continued until I was 4 months pregnant. I have heard that that is typically when the milk begins its changeover for the new baby, and that was the point where my oldest seemed to lose interest. It was a smooth transition for all of us when he weaned, and I found that I was glad that he did. He was just over 2 at that point, and I was getting irritated during nursing. That feeling seemed like more of a hormonal response than an emotional one, if that makes any sense.

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My first and second children are a smidge less than 3 yrs apart. I ended up tandem nursing for a year. My eldest never complained about the decrease in supply or a taste difference. However, I learned that tandem nursing is not for me. (I had oversupply issues that made my youngest choke if I nursed both at once, and this created jealousy/rivalry in the eldest about nursing.) I am currently nursing my three year old, but I plan to wean during pregnancy if this pregnancy sticks.
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Our initial plan was to wait until our son was 2. I really wanted him to get a full 2 years of breastfeeding. We just really wanted another baby and couldn't wait any longer. shy.gif


When your oldest son weaned was he still nursing a lot? I always wanted to allow ds to self wean. I have been feeling guilty the last several days that I am, in a way, forcing him to wean before he is really ready. It is just going to be really bittersweet when our nursing relationship is over!

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In the two months before he weaned, DS and I gradually cut back on feedings. In the weeks immediately preceding the final nursing, we were down to once or twice a day (don't offer, don't refuse method). Eventually he had an entire day without nursing, and after a few sporadic sessions following that, he weaned for good. It was bittersweet for sure, but I didn't have to force anything. 5 months later, when his little brother was born, he asked a few questions about nursing but never asked to nurse. It really was a beautiful transition. I couldn't have asked for better!

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I am nursing my 21 month old son. M glad to have you ladies for support through this. I plan on tandem nursing and that is my goal for now.

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Aileen I am so glad that it was an easy transition for you. I am hoping when Jude weans it will be the same for us.


I am also glad to have you ladies for support! As of now I have no plans of weaning, it is all up to my son if he wishes to continue or not.

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I'm nursing my 3 yr old daughter. She only nurses a couple times a day (my choice, not hers). I don't mind nursing her 1-2 times per day during this pregnancy. It's more of an emotional dependence than a nutritional one at this point. When I got pregnant with her I was nursing her 12 month old brother and that was more difficult, since he wasn't eating that much solid food and was

still pretty dependent on me for sustenance. He's five and still nurses occasionally and I don't have a problem with that, but I think more than likely he will wean this pregnancy.  

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Sereynd, have you seen this?



All Through the Night
Your son is born.
Pushed forth in joyful triumph.
He comes wet and wriggling into your eager arms.
First he licks, but slowly you teach him to nurse.
A little later, you laugh at his quizzical look when he tastes the first rush of milk.
So you keep him next to you all the warm, tender night.
Drinking and growing, drinking and growing,
With no thought of time.
Your one-year-old is sleeping on your arm.
No longer tiny, but chubby-legged and strong.
His curly head so heavy on your aching arm–
Though Lord knows it should be strong enough after carrying him all day.
Let’s try to move it — oh, oh, no good.
“Yes, yes, hungry one,” you murmur. “Here it is.”
You might as well forget the arm and try to doze off again.
Can anything beat a two-year-old cutting his molars in the middle of the night?
You feel as if he’s going to tear you to bits.
Nothing seems to work anymore.
You’ve given and given until there’s nothing left.
Will this long night ever end?
Your three-year-old is nursing quietly.
How long has it been? Well, long enough. 
You might as well try it — it usually works.
“Honey, Mommy wants to go sleepy now. O.K.?”
Muttering, “O.K.,” he rolls over and begins to snore.
Gratefully you snuggle down under the covers between two warm bodies.
Your long-legged four-year-old is tossing and moaning.
Suddenly he cries out in terror, “Mommy! Mommy!”
Coming up out of a deep sleep, you move towards him. 
A nightmare again. Ah, well.
“Don’t be afraid, sweetheart. Mommy’s here. Here.”
All is quiet.
The sound of your five-year-old giggling softly intrudes on your sleep.
“What’s so funny?”
“Oh, I was just thinking about when I dranked your milk.”
“Oh, really? I thought you’d forgotten all about that. Anyway, what’s so funny about that?”
“Nothing. I just feel happy to think about it. . . . . Mommy?”
“What? Oh. Oh, well. Just this once.”
Your six-year-old is looking down at you in the half-light of dawn.
“Mommy, Daddy. It’s kind of cold in my new room. Can I come in with you?”
“Sure, honey.”
The alarm goes off. You are alone in the big bed.
From the bathroom come voices. Your seven-year-old is watching his dad shave.
You realize with a start that nobody asked for anything all night long.
Not even a drink of water.
You sigh and wonder why the years go by as fast as hours.
And in your heart you’re glad you had those times together.
All through the night.
—–by Kathy Eickmann
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Thanks for sharing the Blonhrt, I really like it. So true. 

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I am still breast feeding my 2.6yr old, he nurses once or twice a day. And even though its painful we will continue. 

I nursed his older brother through his pregnancy and them tandem nursed for over a year until my oldest was almost four. I'm so happy we did that. The transition with a new baby was so much easier and the boys bonded so much while feeding. 


So I guess we will plan to tandem nurse the two youngest until ds2 is ready to self wean.

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We are up at 4, again. Usually I'll get up at 4 to have a snack and go back to bed, but last nit my son nursed all through the night, and he's up with me now. I know he is a little weirded out by the change in my milk, because every time he gets a letdown he pulls off and says "milkie?" Or "no" lol.


someone please tell me this isn't going to be how it is through the entire pregnancy! We did hang out with a boy yesterday who I just found out is under the weather, so that may be it. But îm just freaking out a little bit about how aware he is of this pregnancy and his reaction to the new baby's milk! 

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I feel like ever since I got my positive my son wants to nurse ALL the time... I don't know if somethings has already changed in my milk or if it is just a coincidence. Every single time I sit down during the day he comes over and asks to nurse. My nipples are sooo sore and sensitive :/

Danielle I have heard that tandem nursing really does make bonding easier for your kids. I am planning on tandem nursing as long as Jude doesn't wean himself. The way things are going right now I don't see that happening. I will admit I am a little nervous about nursing two at the same time. I am sure it will all work out how it is suppose to!

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Kara, tandem nursing isn't as scary as it sounds, but you do have to gently introduce boundaries, like my ds would feed only after ds2 had a full feed from both sides, and ds1 had a nominated side as because he was so much bigger he would cause a very fast let down that my baby would end up chocking on. Feeding them at the same time was so handy, but is a little difficult if your not at home as you become very exposed with both breasts out. 

I have to say this time around nursing while pregnant is very sore. My son is 2 and a half and only nursing 1-2 times a day and I think the infrequency has something to do with it.

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I am still nursing my 22 month old DD & she shows no signs of stopping. I hope to nurse through pregnancy & tandem once baby's here. Motherlove nipple cream is my best friend right now - if I don't use it twice a day, nursing is pretty painful. I'm also insanely thirsty! Not feeling guilty about my water intake because it's pretty easy now. smile.gif
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I also can not stop drinking water. No matter how much I drink I still feel like my mouth is dry and I need more! I have been really hungry as well. I was not this way at all my first pregnancy. I am chalking both up to the amount I'm nursing on top of the pregnancy.


Has any family members made comments about you weaning? My family is awesome but we told the in laws we were expecting and the first thing out of my MIL mouth was, "well you're going to have to wean Jude now." They really think it's weird that I am still nursing him and she really believes you can't nurse while you're pregnant.. It really got under my skin today!

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I'm drinking a ton of water as well, but mainly because its a scorcher here.


My MIL has commented, but it's more of questions rather than comments, I like educating her because we parent so different.


i just can't believe how fast my milk changed, I'm practically just early enough for a hpt to show positive and my milk is already clear. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I started soaking through breast pads at 12 weeks pregnant last time. I used to be so worried about leaks, now I'm like, I'm lactating, you gotta problem with it? Hahahaha

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My milk has just started to dry up at 5 weeks pregnant.  I was hoping it would be longer :(.  Currently nursing my 13 month old, my 3 year old weaned when i found out I was pregnant,  thank goodness it was easy and she was ready.  Looking forward to tandem nursing for the third time.  Good Luck to everyone, nursing through a pregnancy is not east, but so worth it :)

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DS has been nursing like crazy the last two weeks.  Could very well just be coincidental, but he's being very, very needy.  Luckily it hasn't been uncomfortable, but I have been pretty exhausted.


I was so happy to see this thread.  I told my psychiatrist the other day that I was pregnant, and she knows that I'm nursing.  She asked if my OB confirmed the pregnancy, and I said yes (didn't mention I was seeing a midwife because, well, I didn't want to get into it).  Then she proceeded to launch into this diatribe about I had to stop nursing because it would endanger the pregnancy, etc.  I really couldn't believe it.  I was so taken aback that I just mumbled that I would discuss it with my pregnancy care providers.  

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