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What toys does your 5 y/o boy enjoy playing with?

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My son has a birthday coming up, and there is Easter as well....I'm wondering what your boys are playing with and reading these days.  My son is exiting the trains and cars stage lately, and isn't quite into Lego's yet.  We have given him Lego's but he hasn't caught the spark on them yet.  Recently he got a few Beyblades and he likes those.  One thing I've seen my friends kids being into is "Skylander" but it is rated 10+ so I'm feeling unsure about it.  Thoughts and ideas?

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My almost 5 year old loves Angry Birds.  He uses his blocks and little Angry Birds figures a lot. 

He's also getting in to Star Wars because of the Angry Birds version.  But now he's just starting to enjoy legos. He doesn't have many, boy are they expensive!!

Also likes transforming toys-the less complicated ones. 

He hasn't played with either Beyblades or Skylander.  There are a lot of toys out there!

I hope that helped-Good Luck!!

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at 5 my boys discovered playmobil.

they also loved magnatiles

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My just turned 5 year old loves Lego. He started off at 4 getting a bin of random stuff and then I got him some sets and Christmas and his birthday and then I sit and build with him following the directions and he plays with the thing for a few days and eventually it falls apart and he starts building other stuff. He also likes playing with the mini figures. He love Magformers (a magnatic building toy) He also plays a lot with an angry bird game he got but he just makes up his own game. Oh and he has started getting interested in the playmobil set he inherited from his older cousin. he does still play with his cars and occasionally with his trains but he told me I should pass on the trains to his baby sister.


As far as reading he is LOVING anything by Beverly Cleary. DH reads a chapter to him before bed and they went through all the Henry Huggins books and now are going through the Ramona books. He also was loving Magic Treehouse series. He was introduced to Captain Underpants by his grade 5 reading partner at school (I was not too happy) but he LOVES the books so much and those books have really encouraged him to read as he wants to read them himself and they are pretty easy reads that have some pages that are like comic books. I am not crazy about the books but I did get him 2 for Christmas (I mean Santa did :) )

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nak - hope including links as examples is ok, some are kind of hard to describe



Marble runs

Matchbox cars; he still likes his train table but not as much as he used to

Gear sets - http://www.amazon.com/Gears-%C2%AE-Beginners-Building-Set/dp/B00000DMCE/ref=pd_sim_t_11

Magnet design sets - http://www.amazon.com/MindWare-44204W-Imaginets/dp/B0037Z8DEK/ref=pd_sim_t_2

Screw sets like this but ours is not a drill but screwdriver http://www.amazon.com/Educational-Insights-Design-Activity-Center/dp/B00012O42W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1361650833&sr=8-4&keywords=toy+tool+screw


Plain wooden blocks


Pattern blocks


Anything outdoorsy - like his bike, ball, jump rope, chalk, sandbox toys, sled

Art - coloring books, paint, play doh, beading

Music - he likes this set  of bells http://www.amazon.com/Schylling-MHB-Musical-Hand-Bells/dp/B000MTA04U/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1361651393&sr=1-1&keywords=toy+bells

Animal figures, knight figures (Schleich??)

He's graduated from the play kitchen to kid sized tools in the real kitchen...

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DS is 4 1/2. He loves Legos, Playmobil, Hot Wheels, anything Star Wars, Wii, and My Little Ponies. 

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balance board

bop bag



cooperative board games

craft kits

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For my sons 5th Birthday, I got him lots of books! He really liked the "super friends" early readers.
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A great toy/present is this snap circuit set:




They have a slightly smaller version too. My DS (5) got this for his birthday, and played with it a lot. I think it will last a while as they get older and begin to understand more. It actually teaches a lot about electricity. Lately, he has played with it less. He seems a bit frustrated about constructing the larger sets, and there is not as much "new" to see. But, I'm pretty sure after not playing with it for a while we will be able to take it out and it will feel new and exciting again.

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Dressing up

Ninja anything

Lincoln Logs

Sea animals


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My 5 y/o boy loves star wars, angry birds, anything to do with dinosaurs, outdoor toys, puzzles, easy transformers, board games, robots of any kind...books, bubbles, planting things, sports, oh, and he loves Toy Story stuff.

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My five-year-old's current favorite book:  Catwings


His favorite toys:  Baskets, blocks, board games, chess, swings, mud, fairy houses, clay, Duplos, water.

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Magna-tiles, Magna-tiles, and more Magna-tiles. Alone or with added props (cars, small animals, small people, etc.) The clear ones are the best because they make colored reflections in the sun (or on a light table.)
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dressing up

From Kindergarten- ninjas and ninjago and superheros

drawing and arts of all times


reading to himself

being read to...

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