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LATCH weight limits?

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So I just recently read that there are weight limits for the LATCH system. I guess I always assumed the weight limits applied to the carseat only. But now I learn that there are different weight limits not just related to the carseat but also to the LATCH type as well as the age of the car that the seat is being installed in. WOW.


For example, if I want to install my carseat forwardfacing in one of our cars (2009) then I can do that with the LATCH that came with the carseat. But if I put the same carseat forwardfacing in our other car (2002) then I should use the seatbelts instead even though there are LATCH anchors in the 2002 car. Talk about confusing!


Can we talk about that here? Share your info and stories please...

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LATCH is very confusing.


Weight limits don't really have much if anything to do with the model year of your car, but rather the manufacturer of the car. 


I have the 2013 LATCH manual that has all the manufacturers' limitations, in case anybody needs me to look something up.


To make things even more confusing, sometimes the engineers will tell the writers of the LATCH manual one thing, but the other engineers will write something else in the vehicle manual. (sigh)


When in doubt, I always use the seat belt. Frankly, I have gotten to the point where I install infant seats with LATCH (if available) and larger car seats with the seat belt and then I don't have to think about it too hard. 

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Is there a weight limit for the tether too?
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I read like what another user above said, they are changing the limits for LATCH this year.
If your child is over 32 lbs you may not want to use the LATCH system: http://forum.nerdywithchildren.com/discussion/comment/87/#Comment_87

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Ok my son is 35 pounds. So I'll change from the LATCH to the seatbelt.
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