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Waking up from naps to pee

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My son is 4 months old and we have been practicing EC for about 2 months. For the past month and a half, he wakes up from his naps every time he needs to pee, which is about every 20 - 30 minutes since I nurse him to sleep. I take him to pee before I nurse him and he usually goes. He is definitely not getting long enough naps and I feel like I'm spending all of my day trying to get him back down for naps. Any suggestions? When will he start being able to go longer stretches before pees? I welcome any advice or suggestions!

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I can't really offer advice, but I can empathize. Our five-month-old's naps rarely exceed half an hour, and I feel sure this could well be due to her waking from a need to pee. However, this hasn't really proven a problem, as she wakes up very cheerful and seems fine on about four half-hour naps per day. I've been wondering myself, though, whether an increased ability to hold it will coincide with longer stretches of sleep. 


Funnily enough, she has been asleep in the carrier for . . . wait for it . . . nearly two hours!! (Well, not exactly. She has stirred and opened her eyes a few times, but drifted back to sleep, something she never does.) What magic is this, you ask? A trip to the swimming pool! I had never taken her before today, and let me tell you, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and is now plumb tuckered out!


Hope someone more experienced posts for our benefit.

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Our last two babies were crappy nappers if we laid them down but would nap for an hour on a person. They will pee if you take them at that age, I think, rather than te pee waking them. I think they just hit a low place in twit sleep cycle. By 6 months our boys would take longer naps in bed, so it does pass eventually.
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My 2 month old wakes up from having to use the bathroom as well. It's a bit tiresome because sometimes she's finally asleep and I can start dinner only to have her wake up because she has to pee. As frustrating as it is sometimes its pretty awesome that she's so in tune with her body. Once is a while she'll give me 1 hour during the day but most importantly, once in a while she'll give me 5 over night so it gets better just not all at once.
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