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all sick, need some remedies please

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This winter is awful for us. DSD is just getting over an ear infection, & DS is on day 4 of antibiotics for same. Both still have very chesty coughs. I've been in bed since Friday afternoon, literally. Coughing, blowing my nose every 10 minutes. Gobs and gobs of gross snot. I finally took a pseudophed (sp?) Because my nose is so raw I need to let it heal (thank goodness for CJs Butter).

What can we take to help us recover & keep from getting sick. We only take a multi vitamin now. Someone please educate me!
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i always feel that what keeps us healthy(i will probably get a cold now that i am writing this lol)is eating garlic. i put garlic in everything. that's the only thing i can think that protects us so well. do you guys get sick often?? im sorry you are sick..put a little coconut oil on your nose mama and get well!

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I like ginger for the medicinal properties. Echinacea. Raspberry leaf. All as teas.

Tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil added to a spray bottle of water and sprayed around to kill air borne viruses and bacteria.
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We do eat a lot of garlic, yum! I have raspberry leaf tea, didn't realize was good for that. The last winter mothering was in print I think they had some cold remedies with ginger, I wonder if I still have it.

I've literally been sick or been fighting a cold since October, same as DS. I feel we must be missing something nutritionally for this kind of frequency. He is in daycare but this is crazy.

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What about vitamin D? Being low affects your immune system, especially in winter time where you can't get enough sun in certain parts of the country. You can get a blood draw to check, or you can just start supplementing to see if you notice a difference. There are lots of past threads about vitamin D and how much to take for adults and kids.

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Actually I think I was low on D from my most recent labs, thanks!

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You should all be on a high quality probiotic too. Also the D - your levels should be over 50.


Elderberry is also good for preventing and treating colds. 

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I find sodium ascorbate very helpful, especially when taken to bowel tolerance. Cod liver oil is also good, great source of vitamin A and D. Wishing you all a fast recovery.




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Oh well....it is HARD to get little one to take anything.  But if you can, I'd take vitamin D3 (at least 5,000 iu ..you can pierce the gel caps and squirt it in the mouth of a little one), vitamin c (as much as possible, I like Livon Labs Lypo-Spheric C), and a probiotic (I just use acidophilus as it has always worked for us).

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Thanks everyone! Guess what? Now I have strep too eyesroll.gif We've started taking D3 (I add drops to DSs milk - I read it absorbs better with some fat), buffered/powdered C in water or juice, I have B12 I take under the tongue. I've been giving DS Pearls probiotic. Not sure if that's a great one, but they are tiny and round and good for him to get used to swallowing pills. We have New Chapter pre/probiotic for ourselves.
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