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Stubborn yeast infection while pregnant. Desperate! Help!

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I'm posting this here, because I'm hoping someone has had experience and can share a success story. Or at least give me a little encouragement.  I am SOOO frustrated, discouraged, and desperate.


I'm about 17 wks preg. with our 2nd child.  I've had a stubborn yeast infection since December, that is resistant to any OTC treatment I've tried.  My doctor has suggested the potentially risky Diflucan as a last resort.  I don't want to do that unless I really have no choice.  I'm almost to that point.


Last week, I saw a reputable chiropractor/nutritionist who is known for being really good with this stuff. (Well, actually, I saw her assistant because I couldn't get an appt w/ her for 3 weeks.)  She set me up with a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet.  Okay, I'll try it.  But I'm pregnant, and I'm HUNGRY.  Gonna hang in there and see what happens.  She also gave me a supplement made from noni fruit, called Morinda Supreme.  She assures me it's safe for pregnancy.  But the little info I can find about it online says NOT to take it while pregnant because it hasn't been proven safe, blah blah blah, and historically has been used as an abortificient.  So, I'm being cautious and not taking it.


I'm still REALLY uncomfortable most of the time.  I've been doing an ACV douche, I've being doing yogurt topically and on a tampon.  I've had more relief from coconut oil than anything else I've tried.  But, I don't seem to be making any headway.  I've been on the diet for almost 5 days.


Has anyone dealt with this and had success?


One of the most frustrating things, is that I haven't been able to have sex with my husband for weeks and weeks.  We've got 5 mos before this baby comes and that's it.  Generally, being pregnant, we have the best sex ever.  No more.  It's out. MADDENING!


I want to cry, I'm so frustrated.  Please give me some hope!!!





P.S.  Boric acid and tea tree oil are out, because they're unsafe.  I've tried some garlic.  I'm unsure about gentian violet because I read conflicting info about it's safety.  Other ideas?  Should I just do the Diflucan and risk the infection coming back?

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I handle candidia overgrowth with Caprilyic Acid in oil...This combo works every time:



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Well, my sister did do the Diflucan. My understanding is the risk is longer term use in the first trimester?

At any rate, if you go that route, I'd do all I could to prevent recurrence.

Some thoughts:
Florator probiotic is useful for controlling candida. I would use it heavily/high dose both during and post treatment. I'd continue it throughout the pregnancy and beyond. While treating I'd use Culturelle with the Florastor. I'd do other probiotics too (maybe acidophilus pearls or a Klaire labs general probiotic) post treatment as well as keep up the high dose Florastor.

Cutting sugars and simple carbs would probably be important for preventing recurrence. I wouldn't expect it to treat the actual infection though and would do the probiotics for protection no matter what.

Coconut oil can help but it might kill Florastor too when you start that (at least taken by mouth/to GI system).

Can hubby carry/does he need treatment too?
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coconut oil internally, raw garlic daily oral as well as vaginally, follow that recommended diet you mentioned.  lots of probiotics as well.  try to go underwear free as much as possible to air out and cotton otherwise. and like previous post, this should be done for a long time for prevention in the future.  hth!

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The diet your nutritionist put you on will truly be helpful, even if it's hard, so hang in there. Be sure to take lots of probiotics!
I'm 33 weeks pregnant and prone to yeast infections. I've managed to stay free and clear of them by avoiding sugar and taking probiotics. The garlic trick has always worked for me too, and it's safe for pregnancy. Just stick a clove up there over night for a few nights and that will help a lot. I have also used yogurt around my vulva to help with itching and it seems to help the infection go away. It is messy though. Are you taking extra vitamin D? That will help your immune system. 
I have a lot of sympathy for you around the no sex bit. Don't loose hope! This infection will go away, sometimes it takes a little time though. A few years ago when I had a very bad yeast infection, I had to change my diet for almost a month before the infection went away. Lots of salmon, quinoa, avocado, nuts, and yogurt to help fill me up. Looking at a glycemic index can be helpful in determining what foods are best while you fight it off. 
Good luck! 

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