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Discovering Twins Late?

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I am already 37.5 weeks pregnant with my fourth.  I have been SO sure that I was only having one baby (after suspecting my third was a twin for months -- he wasn't -- but he was a lot bigger than my previous two).  Until a couple nights ago.


I have literally had NO symptoms of twins.  I have only gained about 15 lbs., measuring right on, not extra sick, don't look that big (I do tend to carry small though and I am bigger than before).  No indication whatsoever.


Then, two nights ago, I felt hiccups up high.  I found them by pressing into my belly, at the top, kind of "back" and down inside a few inches.  I had to work to find the source.  But, I also checked baby's position internally.  Baby was head down.


I thought maybe I was crazy.  Then it happened again last night.  I checked VERY carefully and again, I could simultaneously find the hiccups up high and deep inside, and the baby's head down.  My only thought is, are there two?  Is one hiding behind the other?


We have had no ultrasounds.  Our midwives feel manually and listen with a fetoscope.  So we've had nothing that could specifically rule it out.  We are planning a home birth.


Am I completely crazy to wonder if there are two, based on this information?  Is there ANY other explanation for this?

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Wow... It happens!

I had twins..diagnosed at 16 weeks. Both heartbeats were detected by my midwife using a Doppler, and then it was confirmed with an ultrasound.

I gained close to 80lbs, so I cannot imagine... But - in this birth story, (http://blog.ican-online.org/2012/04/12/olivias-birth-story-a-whole-lot-of-surprises/)
she had an ultrasound to confirm no twins, and was still surprised...

I'd have to know... Have you talked to your midwife about it?
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I think you'll know very, very soon.  LOL  Come back and update us, whether you find out by birth or U/S. 

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I had the exact same thing you're describing happen with #2. We KNEW there was only one baby (and had a 20 wk ultrasound:), but up till the end I'd feel the hiccups up high even though he was head down. Both my midwife and chiropractor who are very experienced always had a hard time determining his position and would joke "you're sure there's only one right?" There was no twin hiding in there, I'm still not sure what the deal was.

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I had surprise twins. It happens smile.gif
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