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having a hard time with dogs

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So my daughter is 5 weeks old and we have 2 high maintenance dogs, a yorkie and a weimeraner. I knew that it would be a challenge with a newborn and the dogs but im finding it to actually be unbearable. The weimeraner will get into anything and everything, he ate 2 canisters of powder formula and destroyed my suede couch and that was just one day, one incident out of many. And the yorkie will poop and pee out of spite for lack of attention. Its driving me absolutely insane. I of course still let them outside and give them attention when i can but the baby consumes basically all of attention and my husband works 10 hours a day, he still helps out but he's gone all day and its all on me to care for them. Does anyone have any tips of juggling needy dogs and new baby? I love them to death but im spread pretty thin and it would break my heart to re home them.
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It is a difficult transition time for everyone, dogs included! It sounds like they need some exercise.

Do you have anyone offering to give you any help with the baby? If so, recruit them to help the baby by taking your dogs for a walk! If you can't recruit friends or relatives, look into a local dog-walking service, or even neighborhood dog-loving tween or teen to take them out. Around here, I can get my dog walked for about $4/hour.

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It will get better! I found it really difficult and even my (fairly) low maintenance dogs were driving me bonkers so I can only imagine what you are going through. Especially at this time of the year when many dogs are going stir crazy anyway because of the weather and limited exercise opportunities.


I found that I had a lot on my plate and adding any more was just mentally not possible. I would ask your husband to take on some more exercise/play time with the dogs when he gets home every day. A dog walker or even neighbourhood kid/teen to play in the yard with them (if that works with their temperaments) if a great idea. So are those food dispensing/puzzle type toys, if you feed dry dog food you can give them all their food in there throughout the day to keep them busy. And if you crate or confine them to a room or area sometimes, it's perfectly fine to do that regularly - it saves you stress, prevents the dogs from you getting angry at them, and saves them from getting into something that could potentially hurt them so don't feel guilty about it! It really is temporary, I promise.

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