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Rant: Stubborn yeast infection

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I'm really just a lurker here and haven't posted hardly at all.  But, today I'm so frustrated, I'm hoping someone has had this experience and can share a success story. Or at least give me a little encouragement.  I am SOOO discouraged and desperate.


I'm about 17 wks preg. with our 2nd child.  I've had a stubborn yeast infection since December, that is resistant to any OTC treatment I've tried.  My doctor has suggested the potentially risky Diflucan as a last resort.  I don't want to do that unless I really have no choice.  I'm almost to that point.


Last week, I saw a reputable chiropractor/nutritionist who is known for being really good with this stuff. (Well, actually, I saw her assistant because I couldn't get an appt w/ her for 3 weeks.)  She set me up with a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet.  Okay, I'll try it.  But I'm pregnant, and I'm HUNGRY.  Gonna hang in there and see what happens.  She also gave me a supplement made from noni fruit, called Morinda Supreme.  She assures me it's safe for pregnancy.  But the little info I can find about it online says NOT to take it while pregnant because it hasn't been proven safe, blah blah blah, and historically has been used as an abortificient.  So, I'm being cautious and not taking it.


I'm still REALLY uncomfortable most of the time.  I've been doing an ACV douche, I've being doing yogurt topically and on a tampon.  Taking Floragen, both orally, and inserting vaginally.   I've had more relief from coconut oil, both topically, and vaginally than anything else I've tried.  But, I don't seem to be making any headway.  I've been on the diet for almost 5 days.


Has anyone dealt with this and had success?


One of the most frustrating things, is that I haven't been able to have sex with my husband for weeks and weeks.  We've got 5 mos before this baby comes and that's it.  Generally, being pregnant, we have the best sex ever.  No more.  It's out. MADDENING!


I want to cry, I'm so frustrated.  Please give me something to hang on to!




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Uhh, I hate yeast infections! I'm sorry!! It looks like you've already tried a lot of things. Have you tried the garlic clove as tampon trick? That worked after several doses for me. I hope you can get some relief soon!
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I'm sorry, that sounds so frustrating. hug2.gif  My case hasn't been as bad as yours but I have had to deal with recurring yeast infections during both pregnancies and I know how uncomfortable it can be.  I wish I had some good suggestions for you!

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Sorry you're dealing with this  :( I had a yeast infection from weeks 4-10 and it caused spotting. The garlic tampon seemed to work temporarily.  I finally did the antibiotic because it was driving me CRAZY and the spotting was stressful. It cleared it up quick after that.  I still adjusted my diet to help, and added probiotics.  


Good luck figuring out what to do.  

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So sorry! I'm still not sure if I'm dealing with yeast or what - whatever it is is also not going away and generally makes me miserable, though not in the same way as the one full blown yeast infection I had last pregnancy. headscratch.gif

Zinc is what my MW has recommended. And betadine douches in case it's something else. I just can't get it GONE. ugh. :/
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Have you looked into allergy testing? I have had this problem whenever I eat small amounts of soy derivatives (I have severe soy allergy). It turns out that allergic reactions actually change your hormone levels which in turn changes the PH down there. Even allergists and doctors don't seem to know or talk about this.


So if the infection is very stubborn, it might be a good idea to get allergy tested for foods you think might be the culprit. For me, it was soy, which means MSG, GMOs and anything soy-derived is a no-no....even vitamin E/tocopherols (usually from soy).


I really hope this helps and you get answers soon...I know how debilitating to the psyche chronic infections can be.

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The diet is not an immediate solution.  I was on a candida diet for 5 months, not pregnant.  A really good book is The Yeast Connection Handbook by Guy Crook.  

I am gluten free and (mostly) dairy free and vegetarian right now.  It is possible and there are a lot of GF options, even at Safeway!  I was doing a Paleo Diet, but poultry does not agree with baby and red meat is sometimes ok.  

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