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So why is there so much hype for these? I bought a few used, and while cute, they work like any other fitted. Why on earth do these things go for $40+new(and actually used too...I've seen people sell used ones for $45!) is it all just because of their cuteness? Or is there some secret magicness to these I'm not getting lol?
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i think they become better after use and wash.that's what i've heard anyway.

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Our GM AIO's are great for nighttime use. They hold more pee than any other thing we have tried. I thought that about the cost too. I would never buy them for daytime use. They r too pricy.
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I think it's crazy how high people can sell these for lol. I've heard GM Ones rock, just have yet to find a good priced one.
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I'm embarrassed to admit I have quite a few goodmama's. Some I bought new and most I bought used off my cousin who had quite a designer diaper problem for a while and bought probably two hundred of them... They are REALLY cute and they last a long time with good care, but it became an expensive habit smile.gif
Honestly, I prefer BG 4.0's now and primarily use them. I'll use a goodmama if we're just home and DD can run around in legwarmers. There was a period when the only thing that kept us dry at night was GM's under a wool soaker but she outgrew that soaker and I haven't found another that works. Now we just use a doublestuffed BG.
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Ditto the BG 4,0s for at night, that's what  worked best for us.  Never tried the goodmamas, because I couldn't ever find them inexpensively enough!  Goodmamas have a great branding thing going.  


The used market for cloth diapers is interesting.  If you buy a brand name diaper (BG, GM, whatever) used, you can often get some or even all of your money back out in resale.   The reason people (myself included) try to sell diapers for more than they paid?  Simple. Other people will pay  the extra I'm guessing because they assume (in my case correctly) that you did the research, you checked that these diapers worked, and you will be willing to educate them on how to use them. 


Side note: never throw away cloth diapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post them for free on your local version of craigslist, someone else may find a use for them :)  I refreshed the PUL on some old diapers I bought and we are still using them successfully.

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