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Had a baby boy 7 pounds 11 oz. via c-sec on Saturday afternoon. A little brother for DS! We were so convinced it was going to be a girl!


Ended up with water broken and in early labour for 3 days, laboured in active labour at home for a few hours and went to the hospital where dilation was found to be at 6-7 cms at midnight. Doc expected me to deliver by morning, but I was still at 7-8 cms and baby had developed a caput on his head. They started getting antsy, strapped me to continuous monitoring for a while, which effectively reduced contractions to bare minimum. Doc gave me a deadline to deliver by lunch time - by then I'd dilated to full by dint of squatting and double stair walking trying to get the contractions stronger. At lunch time contractions simply disappeared except for a few random ones...I was completely exhausted and doc was playing all the worst-case scenario cards she could think of. Pretty much gave in to a repeat c-sec at that point. I'm gutted I was so close and yet so far from a vbac, regretting the decision to birth at hospital instead of home... there will always be those what-ifs in life and lessons learned.


Am in love with my peaceful, beautiful little boy and enjoying the newborn baby bliss all over again.

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Congratulations, keeptryst! Newborn baby bliss is the best! Sounds like a long labor before the c-sec; hope you have lots of help and are able to get a lot of rest! You deserve it, mama!
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Congrats!! Enjoy your little boy!! Speedy recovery!!
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Oh wow yay Keeptryst and EternalW.......I'm so relieved that you have babies in your arms at last!  :)  Yes, echoing the resting!  I am being completely pampered by my DP and big kids.....it is so nice. :)  




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Keeptryst, congrats on your baby but so sorry to hear about the c-section. I also ended up in a CS after a long labor with lots of complications... it is definitely frustrating!

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Sorry Ive been MIA ladies!!! 


We sold our car last week, and desperately are hunting for a replacement. Also, this past weekend, my dad was being filmed for the Cooking Channel's My Mother's Ravioli!! And the producers wanted to film the whole family doing brunch... It was really fun, but took up the entire weekend! 


Besides all of that Lucy went through her 4-5 week leap and was wicked needy and unhappy last Tuesday through Friday... Needless to say, doing anything other than sit on the couch and nurse her or sleep with her was inconceivable! Even when I had her in the Moby I was only able to just keep up on housework.


Anyway! I updated the new babies as best I could, but as always please feel free to correct me and/or remind me of missed babies or info.

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Sorry. yeah Zia was born on 4/7

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So this is long overdue, but our little Frederick was born on 4/3 at 8:50pm. He measured 9lb9.5oz and 22.5 inches long. He spent 2 days in the special care nursery on abx as a precaution because I developed a fever during labor. I haven't typed a birth story yet but I'd like to: lots to process.

[[birth story alert!]] The short version is that I was induced by foley catheter on 4/1 at 41w6d, was in early labor for 24 hours, active back labor for another 12 hours, accepted nubane and then an epi and pitocin because I was suffering and exhausted after 36 hours, and ended up with a c/s after developing a fever and not progressing past 6cm for several more hours. From start to finish, it was 48 hours, so I really feel like I gave it my best, but I'm definitely going to need to process not having a VBAC. I'm truly thankful that DS and I are healthy, and that's what's most important. I'm not allowed to lift DD (20months) for 6 weeks, and it's definitely posing challenges. It's been an emotional week, but she's being wonderful about it all, though sad and confused too.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I'm cheering on our last troupers!
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Congrats Tear - sounds like quite the ordeal!  Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

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Tear - your story sounds VERY VERY similar to mine! (Except that my husband really went to bat on the special care nursery thing and Kate's pediatrician did agree to let her room in with us, which was nice). Long long labor, strange progression/lack of progression, fever, back labor, epi, c-section. Mine definitely threw me for a loop too, and I am still processing it. Glad to hear that you and baby are both well, though!

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Tear and Cindy-- you both are so strong and brave.  Never forget that as you are processing your births!  48 hours-- wow.  You did everything you could, mama!  

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Oh Tear, that sounds tough! Sorry you didn't get your VBAC but you did what you had to at the time. Baby Frederick is safe and that's all that matters......he's a cutie btw, congrats x
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Good work, tear. Hugs to u as u process the birth.
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Hey everyone,


I have emerged from the 1st week. In fact I began posting about 5 days ago but was so tired I don't think I submitted it! Seriously, it has been a hard and wonderful week, with more emphasis on the wonderful. Hugo was born on April 3rd after an extended false labor, followed by a four hour actual labor that would have been at least an hour + shorter had they not slowed things down. It turns out I am one of those fast birthers - not exactly a great thing. The contractions came on pretty fiercely - and they say the intensity of my contractions put stress on the fetus which in turn pushed his heart rate quite low. Fortunately I avoided a C-section, but barely. I have learned that my next baby will likely be ever faster, so I might need to scrap my plan of a midwife for my second birth, but will need to think about it.


Fortunately, my labor started 1.5 hours before I was scheduled to be induced, which felt nice. But now that he is here it all seems neither here nor there. He is BFing well and the three of us are nesting in our lovely cocoon that I wish could last forever. We are totally in love and I still can't believe he is here.


He was a full two pounds lighter than they estimated him to be - he was pretty long but about 6.5 pounds! As a big-babied family this was totally weird to me. I keep worrying that he is too small but the docs say he is perfectly normal in weight. It's just my genes that kept him from getting to big.


I hope to look for the news from the other women from late March who were still waiting in early April. I hope you are all nesting with your little ones happily!



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PS - Oh Tear, what a story. I hope you are faring well - can;t imagine what it would feel like not to be able to lift your DD. But I am so happy for you to have made it to the other side. Fred sounds nice and big and healthy. I hope you process the birth experience in a way that feels good.

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Megsy! Congrats on the arrival of baby Hugo!! I' m a fast and furious birther as well..
I completely understand your feelings!!!!
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Congrats Meggsy!!!  Glad to hear you're all settling in nicely!

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Congrats Meggsy! Stay in that cocoon as long as you can, it's a precious time that goes so fast. Enjoy your new little man. Welcome Hugo.
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Congratulations, Meggsy!!! My little one decided to come the day before her scheduled induction. Us and our stubborn babies! My labor was the opposite - long, but also with very intense contractions that were causing heartrate problems... it's definitely a difficult thing to deal with in labor! Enjoy baby Hugo! I felt like that first week was pure magic. (The two weeks afterwards have been pretty darn magical, too!)

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Congrats, Meggsy! DD was 5lb9oz at birth, and I totally get your worry, but she is just programmed that way, as is your little Hugo. I'm glad bfing is going well! Enjoy your babymoon!
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