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Anchorage Child Care

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We're moving to Anchorage in the summer/fall and expecting our first little guy in June.  What is the experience with child care in Anchorage?  The main caveat is that I do not work 9 to 5, but pretty crazy hours, including some weekends.  I don't have family to fall back on.  Budgeting for a nanny is going to be pretty tough, but my hands may be tied.  


Anyone have any insight?  (Or even just comments, even if you think they wouldn't apply to my situation.  I think any and all information would be useful.)     

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Ive worked in almost all the centers in Anchorage, and owned my own, honestly it'll be hard to find a center that is not on the normal work week schedule. There's a few centers that are open 24/7, but they are expensive and usually have waiting lists. I think a nanny or in home provider would be your best option, expensive though greensad.gif
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Agree with nanny or home daycare provider.
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Thanks ladies!  I had a definite feeling that would be the case.  Looks like I'm going to have to convince my DH not to get a job!  orngtongue.gif  It may seriously make more financial sense.  


Anyone have any experience with the nanny agencies?  (Or hear tell of any problems/great things from any of them?)

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