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Hello, I'm from Brazil and we're producing a documentary wich the main focus is to discuss the professional dilemas that parents go through: maternity leave, keep breastfeeding while returning to work, how to leave your professional life for a while and take care of your child, how do companies deal with pregnant women, parental leave, women role on society, returning to work, etc. In our on line channel, on Vimeo, we're uploading small pieces of the interviews, all translated to english: We're looking for some interesting stories all over the world, to know how does it work in all countries. Did you have troubles with your company during pregnancy or when you returned to work? How does maternity leave work in your country? Did you have to leave your baby in a baby care center ou did you choose to leave with a nanny? What are the parents rights in your country? Any question related to the theme is interesting to us. If you want to tell us, please write to me: Hope you enjoy it and help us to offer a better situation to all families! Bia Siqueira