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MaterniT21 testing and cost?

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I had to have this test yesterday and was told that insurance doesn't cover it at all because it's so new.  The test itself is $2700 and the out of pocket cost is $235.  Was told that everyone has to pay this amount BUT not one person on here that I've spoken with has mentioned an out of pocket cost like this.  Just curious if you're in Canada and it's free or if you're in the US and it was covered or you paid for it?



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I didn't need the additional testing, but I know BCBS doesn't cover the cost of it. It's frustrating though. :(

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I am pretty sure cost of test will be covered for me, but I happen to have really good insurance, and it's in the U.S. (My upside of having a boring job - good insurance!)

Are you saying that you have to pay full $2700 cost, or just the $235?

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I don't think MaterniT21 is available in Canada yet unfortunately. I am in Alberta and asked about it at my very first prenatal appt. The nurse practitioner who was taking my information said she haden't heard of it before so she wrote it down to research it I guess. Its a shame because it sounds like it is a very accurate and minimally invasive test.

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We were told something similar. That not all insurances cover it yet, but that there was some kind of limit on what we would have to pay (can't remember what it was), so even if insurance doesn't cover it, we'd only have to pay $200something. I can't remember the exact amount. It was worth it to us since my age put my risk factor at 1 in 2.
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See, we have really good insurance too.  We have Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield and we only pay around $200 a month for all 8 of us (I included baby because the price won't go up) and we have a $25 co-pay for Dr visits and only $125 at the hospital when baby is born with NO deductible.  But we were told that no insurances cover it yet because it's so new.  And the company charges $2700 for the test but are doing a co-pay ONLY to all patients of $237 (or 5 what ever I wrote above) because they are using the results as part of their study (maybe, my head was spinning at the time) and the out of pocket was the same for everyone.  The reason I asked was because I hadn't heard anyone mention having to pay for this testing at all and I just wondered if it was new to my area and that's why.  Who knows what it is LOL.  We don't mind paying the money because it's worth it to us to know if baby has DS or not.  They will send the bill to our insurance and our insurance will deny it and then they will send us the bill for the prorated amount or what ever it's called.


Thanks for all the info gals :)

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Oh, thank you Tenk, for the clarification. I wrote my above response about my awesome insurance a little too soon... :) Just got insurance invoice in mail yesterday which lists my responsibilities for various fancy prenatal screenings run by the MFM doctor I have been referred to because I'm 35 years old. So, it looks like I have various charges to me totaling around $100. And I don't know if this includes Materniti21 or if I'll be billed for that later. So, I'm still in the dark about what I will owe!

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I had never heard of the test before it was mentioned here. Not really even sure what it is?

All that to say, I don't think it's available in Canada!
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It's a new noninvasive test for determining if there are chromosomal abnormalities. Down's Syndrome and several other common ones. It can also determine baby's gender. It is done with a simple blood draw from mom.
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Oh and Materni21 is a brand name. My MFM genetic counselor said it is actually called NIPT. She said what that stood for, but I can't remember now.
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if I had to guess, I'd say Non Invasive Paternal Testing. 

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Just wanted to share, our results were negative and our sweet baby does NOT have Down Syndrome ... I'm am so relieved and happy that all we have to worry about at this point is the VSD.

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Very good to hear.

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That's great news. Hurray!
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We did it too, but haven't gotten the bill yet. Am anxiously awaiting to confirm the price. I can guarantee my crappy insurance doesn't cover it, so I'll post when I get it to confirm our cost too. It was pretty awesome, though, just a blood draw. We had a positive screen for downs on our 2nd tri (weak positive) and didn't want amnio so we did the NIPT instead, and all was good. Shwew!
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And congrats to you, Tenk, on the good news! That's a lot to have been carrying around.
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Thank you everyone, and Zebra, I'm curious as to your cost as well.

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Excellent update :)

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