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Water Table

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I'm looking to get a water table for the kids this spring/summer. My kiddos are my 5 yo DD and my son who will be 1 in June. The table will be set up outdoors on either a stone patio or on rubber mulch. We already have a sandbox, so a sand/water table is not necessary, but I'm not opposed to having one with both elements.

I'm basically looking for recommendations. Do you have a water table you love? Is there one you've been lusting after? Links are appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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I have had the Little Tykes water tables, and we have the Step 2 right now.


The L.T and Step2 are too short for the four yr olds and up, but it fits fine for the 1 yr olds.


So, I use the short one for the smaller kids, and then an assortment of other containers for the older kids.  (I have a lot of kids)  We put the preschool table outside, then put rubbermade storage containers on top of that.  I also use those giant flexible buckets from Costco.  Within a few hours, ALL the water is on the ground... they don't leave it in the table.  Ever.  It drives me insane.  I give them toys, dishes, measuring tools, everything, but all they want to do is pour it out.


The babies want to drink it... then pour it out, and the older kids dump it out.  Every time.


But, it's still worth it.  Water play is essential for child development.  


I refuse to buy the sand/water tables, because I can't imagine that mess.

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http://graham-and-parker.blogspot.com/2012/09/adventures-with-toys.html  Here are some ideas... her pictures are kind of hard to see, but you can get some good ideas.


http://pinterest.com/pin/96264510755460112/  <---this is essentially what ours looks like.  

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