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Chubby Feet and Legs

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You know what gets me?


When I am researching shoes for my grand daughter and I keep running into the advice "most babies have wide, chubby feet" - well if that's the case, why in the name of God am I limited to shopping for Stride Rite and New Balance?


And why has no one developed cute little shoes for girls and boys with these chubby, fat feet?


And please don't get me started on trying to find RUBBER BOOTS that fit over this little girl's cankles and calves - ARGHHHHHH. Can you sense the frustration?

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Lol I was right there with you! The good thing was that every shoe that fit for height and width was waaaay long, meaning DD was in them for many months as her feet lengthened but didn't widen any. Once she really started walking, the feet/ankles/calves really leaned out a bit though.
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LOL my kid was an anti-shoe, barefoot baby hippy until recently and thank god bc her feet were too fat for her "size" anyhow!  She didn't fit into anything until she was walking and had thinned down also.  As for all those cute boots I bought her to 'match mommy'...they look really pretty on the closet shelf!


I also found this past summer when trying to buy a swim shirt that she didn't fit into a girls size 12, or even 18mos (she was 7 or 8mos at the time) - so I got her a boys swim shirt in 12mos and it had room to spare!  I couldn't believe the size difference between genders and how early it starts, it's pretty sad.

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About the swimsuit tangent, that's all I do with DD. we are all very fair and burn like lobsters so I love the option of the swimsuit being cut like a t shirt. At least her shoulders and upper back are protected even if the sunscreen washes off. I get her cute swim diapers and it's a shame to hide them under a one piece wink1.gif
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My poor son only just now learned to walk in shoes right at his first birthday, because I couldn't find shoes to fit his chubby feet before now! I got him some baby Toms that fit him OK, but as far as shoes from regular stores, there was no way he would fit in them. It was very frustrating! My daughter always had feet a little longer than was normal for her age, but I never had issues with shoes not fitting at all, just had to get her bigger sizes. It was so weird with my son though!

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Little Miss is a dinky dink, I only came in here to see if there were any pictures of the fat feet and legs.  And there aren't.  Y'all should be ashamed.  False advertising!

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