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Things to do with rosemary

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My husband helps my parents take care of their vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens. Over the winter they had a couple of rosemary plants under frost blankets, and they not only didn't die, but kept growing! So, today my hubby cut them all back for the spring growing season. Now I have two shopping bags full of fresh rosemary.

I'll probaby dry a bunch of it and store some fresh to use in meals the next couple of weeks. But, does anybody have any creative uses for it?
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Oh, how I wish I had an abundance of fresh rosemary!
I would make a rosemary infused oil...It would be good for thieves oil. :)

Rosemary and lemon would make a lovely home cleaner.

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Yes, as the pp suggested, rosemary-infused olive oil is the first thing that comes to mind. If you use decorative bottles and pretty labels, they make nice gifts. 


Marinade some chicken or lamb and freeze, so you have a few already prepped dinners ready. 


Rosemary hair rinse is another idea. Just simmer 6 to 8 sprigs of rosemary in a quart of water. You can add a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar to it, if you like.


I suppose you could make bath salts with crushed dried rosemary instead of lavender. 


Pot pourri is another thought, or a decorative wreath. 


I'm a little envious of all that fresh rosemary! 

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I love all the ideas! Thanks so much guys. I'm going to try the infused oil for sure. And maybe the hair rinse. I think a wreath is a great idea too. Maybe that's something DD and I can work on together.
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Don't know if you are a part of pinterest (if you aren't you definitely should be!! :) but this pin has been going around a lot and it's such a great idea! actually have some rosemary in the fridge right now that I'm going to be doing this too. Freezing Fresh herbs into olive oil so that you can drop t into the pan when making dishes ~ great idea!


Check it out! http://www.thegardenerseden.com/?p=13221

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If you eat meat...


Skewer the meat on rosemary branches, baste w/ olive oil & garlic and BBQ. Especially yummy w/ lamb or mutton.


Hang some to dry


Give some away to friends


Plant some of the cuttings, it can often root just by sticking it in soil.

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Oh yes, rosemary hair rinses are wonderful smile.gif
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Ooh! Awesome! You guys are full of such awesome suggestions! Thanks so much really! And now I just have to get that book recommended at the end of that article Putting Food By. I've had that book recommended to me so many times, it's just time to finally get it. smile.gif
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Rosemary is also a wonderful natural antimicrobial! We use it in our homemade soap. smile.gif
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Make some sachets, or buy some muslin tea bags, stuff them with rosemary and put them in drawers/closets.  Make them fancy and give as gifts.


My friend just made vanilla rosemary ice cream with almonds... YUM!

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Oh, and the rosemary hair rinse a PP suggested is good for fighting dandruff as well.
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