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Hello Everyone:

My name is Anita and I have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys.  I am a single mother by choice, meaning that I have adopted my children.  They came to me from the hospital at different times and they were only a few days old.  I was a Foster Parent first so I actually happen to be lucky.  I am no longer doing Foster Parenting.  Anyway, I homeschool each of my chidren and I happen to enjoy doing so...don't get me wrong, there are the good days and the bad days, but there are more good ones than there are bad.  One thing's for sure, I know my kids and that makes me happy and they like me just as much as I like them!  We are honestly a happy family with one child who happens to love to test the waters!!  There's always one in every family!!  Believe it or not, people always tend to admire that my kids love me so much.  I belong to a co-op that's a playgroup for ages 0-18.  We all have a blast each Tuesday as we gather together.  Okay I have taken up enough of your time.  One thing's for sure, it's going to be hard for me to come online unless I'm at the library--which I happen to be now, or I get lucky and stay up late at night to do it because we only have 1 computer at home and the kids go online or I'm busy being the only parent.  Look forward to connecting with each of you!!


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Welcome to mothering, Anita. It sounds like you'll fit right in, here! =D What homeschooling method do you use? We've always unschooled in my family, but you'll find a few of anything and everything in the Learning at Home and Beyond forum. lol We also have a Foster and Adoptive Parenting area and Ages and Stages areas where you might find other families having similar parenting experiences at any given time. =)

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