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I started nesting months ago in October. I had several projects I wanted to finish up and wanted to be done weeks before my due date so I can lay up, relax and enjoy this time with DH and DS.


So, since October I have:


Gone through every closet and cupboard in the house to declutter and donate to Good Samaritan.

Organized my clothes closet.

Stripped and refinshed an old dresser

Painted and decorated DS's room

Organized the laundry/storage room

Turned a coffee table into a bench for the playroom

Cleaned all the blinds and windows

Created a household binder to stay organized

Painted and rearranged my bedroom


That's all the major stuff. It feels so good to be done with everything on my list!!!

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Hah, I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with dust! I am determined at some point to clean off the tops of all the baseboards in the house. smile.gif


I forgot the car nesting aspect - we only own one car, and it's my husband's commute car, so I don't drive it much. But I recently ended up giving two people rides in it, and was horrified and its internal state of cleanliness. So I dealt with all the trash/recycling/clutter, and then told him his job is to get it CLEAN. He can pay for it or do it himself, I don't care, but I want it both vacuumed and wiped down! He appears willing to humor me. Hah.


Scarletsmiles, I don't know that my husband has sentimental clothes, but he does have old clothes that he never ever wears. And suddenly seems willing to part with them, so I think impending fatherhood is good for him too!

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I felt like I was nesting for weeks and weeks and then for most of February I've chilled.  When I read this thread a few days ago I didn't feel like I had done ANYTHING to do with nesting for the last week.  Then... it sort of hit me this weekend, hard!  I've had baby stuff basically ready to go since the end of January so most of the rest of the nesting has been around the house. 


Strangest nesting urge?

For some reason I decided that we all needed to have new toothbrushes so I rushed out to buy them today during lunch....


What have you done the last week to prepare for baby?

Not much!  But, I'm planning to finish the carseat installation and set up the co-sleeper on Thursday. Plus I'm knitting a newborn hat during my *free* time...


What have you done that you were surprised became important to complete?

Today I felt it was necessary to sort through and put away all of DH's papers that he had stacked in the guest room...and then I needed to dust, vacuum and change the guest room sheets.... My mother is flying in to stay with me in 2 weeks, but she could have changed the sheets herself!


Any nesting that you found particularly useful?

Probably the de-cluttering and cleaning, that's mostly what I've done this week - it's really made me feel more relaxed.  Other than that, re-checking the labor supplies and hospital bag and stocking up the freezer have been the big things for me.

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